Tara's Diary

These days, charm bracelets are more popular than ever before. If you’re fond of collecting special charms which reflect your personal style (or represent milestones in your life), then you’ll benefit from learning more about our exquisite Tara’s Diary Charms. These handcrafted designs are created right in Ireland for true authenticity, and they feature a range of traditional Celtic symbols, including Trinity Knots, Claddagh symbols, Celtic spirals and shamrocks. To help you discover the unique beauty of these affordable charms, we’ve displayed our collection on this page.

Tara’s Diary charms are made from sterling silver, and they feature a variety of embellishments, such as art glass accents, birthstones, engraving and gold plating. Whether you want fun, whimsical charms or designs that have a subtle, elegant appeal, you’ll be spoiled for choice. By creating your own configuration of beautiful Celtic charms, you’ll be able to show your Irish, Scottish or Welsh pride in a unique and fulfilling way.

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When you purchase these exceptional charms through our online boutique, you’ll access the sort of professional and caring customer service that you really deserve. At Irish Celtic Jewels, we are proud to offer our valued clientele access to a secure shopping interface that is designed to protect every bit and byte of personal and financial information. In addition, we go the extra mile by offering our customers access to a 30-day, money-back guarantee. When you choose us, you may enjoy a FedEx shipping option. Orders from America will not be charged any sales tax.

Now that you know a little more about our company and how things work, let’s talk about the significance of Celtic symbols. These symbols are featured on almost every one of our lovely and inspiring Tara’s Diary Charms. By learning what each traditional Celtic symbol really means, you’ll connect with your own Celtic heritage in a whole new day.

Trinity Knots

Trinity Knots are elegant in their simplicity, and they feature three equal parts which represent Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These symbols of the Holy Trinity are ideal ways to show your Christian faith, as well as your own Celtic roots.

Claddagh Symbols

Claddagh symbols are Irish in origin, and they feature a romantic, “crowned-heart-and-hands” design. Traditionally, Claddagh symbols were used to adorn Claddagh rings. Today, they appear on a variety of jewelry pieces, including pendants, earrings and Tara’s Diary Charms. Claddagh symbols illustrate love, loyalty and affection.

Celtic Spirals

If you’re looking for a Celtic symbol that illustrates life-force and eternity, you’ll love wearing a Celtic spiral charm. This type of bead will feature a timeless motif that represents the cycle of birth, death and spiritual rebirth. The pleasing curves of every Celtic charm trace the passage of time…


Saint Patrick used the humble Shamrock plant in order to illustrate the presence of God in the natural world. Ireland’s patron saint believed that each leaf of the Shamrock represented one element of the Holy Trinity.

Now that you know more about Tara’s Diary Charms, you’ll be ready to choose the styles that suit your tastes. These charms are also wonderful gift ideas for any lady who has Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage.