Celtic Cross Pendants

Celtic Crosses are distinctive, ringed designs that echo thousands of years of Celtic faith, culture and history. If you’re interested in acquiring a traditional and authentic Celtic Cross pendant of your own, you’ll find that our selection of elegant, meaningful designs features some truly beautiful and affordable choices. We’ve displayed all of our cross pendants on this page, in order to help you enjoy the most easy, enjoyable shopping experience.

To provide our valued clientele with lots of options, we offer crosses in a range of materials, from affordable sterling silver to luxurious yellow or white gold. Some of our designs are crafted from two-toned yellow and white gold. To add even more style and panache to each handmade pendant, we feature designs with an assortment of glamorous embellishments, all of which offer tons of sparkle, shimmer and color. Examples of embellishments found on our pendants include diamonds, emeralds and reasonably-priced CZ gemstones.

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Celtic Crosses are the relics of a bygone age. During the Early Medieval Period, these crosses were used in order to convert Pagans to Christ. In fact, the central ring of each Celtic Cross is believed to be a remnant of Pagan sun worship. Some historians believe that this ring was used because it was familiar to Pagans and therefore helped them to become more comfortable with Christianity. However, others are convinced that the central ring of each cross represents an angel’s halo. The four branches of each cross symbolize east, north, south and west.

Our Celtic Cross pendants come with other traditional Celtic design elements that make them even more rich and dimensional. For example, Celtic interlace (knot work) may be used in order to illustrate eternity. These knot work patterns are beautiful, and their lines flow endlessly into themselves, illustrating the interconnectedness of all things. Other symbols that you may find on our range of pendants include romantic Irish Claddagh symbols, which illustrate love and loyalty, or Trinity Knots, which symbolize the Holy Trinity.

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When you honor us with your business, we’ll treat you with the utmost respect. By providing you with handmade, authentic jewelry that is created right in the Emerald Isle, we make it possible for you to enjoy the highest standard of quality. In addition, we back up every product that we sell with stellar customer service. For example, we offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee, as well as a “lowest price” guarantee. We also feature a Fedex shipping option that will allow you to access the prompt and dependable service that you really deserve. If you’re ordering from America, you won’t need to pay any sales tax on your purchase.

Since every piece that we offer is a handcrafted work of art, giving a friend or loved one of our exceptional pendants will be a perfect way to show that you care. We offer designs for men, women and children, in order to give you the superb selection that you really deserve. Some of our pendants come with matching chains. Simply check our product details in order to find the ideal pendant for your tastes. In other cases, you may purchase a matching chain for a reasonable price.

Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for excellence. Our happy customers know that we offer secure shopping services, high-quality fine jewelry, and the most positive and caring customer service. Now, it’s your turn to experience everything that Irish Celtic Jewels has to offer. So, why not order the Celtic Cross pendant of your dreams today?