Platinum Jewelry

What You Need to Know about Platinum Jewelry

At Irish Celtic Jewels, we offer platinum jewelry designs upon the request of our valued clientele, on a limited number of products. These exceptional designs are priced according to the current market value of platinum. In order to enjoy your preferred Celtic jewelry design in a luxurious, shimmering platinum finish, be sure to email us for a quote today:

To help you learn more about platinum, which is one of the most coveted finishes for jewelry designs today, we’ve created a practical quick guide.

Platinum Facts

Platinum is world-renowned for its icy-white shimmer, as well as its purity and quality. Perfect as a backdrop for a glittering diamond, this precious metal will enhance the beauty of any gemstone, pearl, or other jewelry embellishment.

Because platinum offers premium durability, it will never degrade over time. That’s why discerning jewelry owners choose this finish for their most important pieces, such as engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary rings. To offer our clients secure settings that are designed to stand the test of time, our artisans create rings that feature special platinum prongs. These prongs are designed to hold any loose diamond or gemstones firmly in place.

While platinum is incredibly strong, it may scratch or develop an aged look, known as a patina, which develops as the platinum design is worn again and again. The special patina of platinum is actually a bonus for many jewelry owners, who prefer the look of “worn-in” platinum. If you’re more interested in wearing platinum jewelry that retains its original, mirror-like shine, simply buff your piece of jewelry with a soft piece of fabric. This is all that it takes to keep platinum looking brand-new.

Most platinum jewelry sold today is comprised of 95 percent pure platinum. When platinum used for jewelry is created, its alloy contains 5 percent of iridium, palladium or ruthenium. Alloys are specially designed in order to make platinum (and other precious metals) more suitable for jewelry production. Platinum designs of exceptional purity will be stamped with the hallmark, 950 Plat or Plat.

How to Clean Platinum

The best way to take care of platinum jewelry is to wash it periodically in warm water. Once it is wet, scrub it with a soft brush. As you can see, this precious metal is extremely low-maintenance.

Our Platinum Jewelry is an Investment in Quality and Beauty

Centuries ago, the Egyptians discovered the value and beauty of platinum. In the early 1900s, platinum became a popular jewelry finish in the Western World. During the Second World War, access to this shining, stunning metal was carefully restricted, as it was needed for the war effort. Platinum was a strategic metal that was used for a range of important military applications.

Today, we are proud to use this exceptional precious metal in order to add quality and beauty to our traditional Celtic jewelry designs. When you commission a platinum piece, you’ll access a stunning jewelry design that is meant to last for a lifetime.

Perfect for men and women alike, platinum designs, such as our exquisite engagement rings and wedding bands, offer the ultimate in luminosity and reflective shine. Since platinum doesn’t tarnish like other pale metals, it’s the perfect precious metal for truly sophisticated clients. In addition, the purity of platinum makes it a hypoallergenic choice for those with sensitive skin.

If you love jewelry with a very substantial feel, you’ll adore the significant heft of platinum, which weighs more than gold or silver. The most priceless diamonds in the world, such as the notorious Hope Diamond, are set in platinum, in order to enhance their depth, shimmer and visual appeal. When you choose a platinum setting for your engagement ring, you’ll find that your diamond sparkles with incredible radiance.