Silver Trinity Circle Necklace Embellished With Swarovski Crystals


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This brilliant Trinity Circle Pendant is as intricate as it is beautiful. Perfectly placed Trinity Knots overlap to create an array of circles, all within a greater outside circle. The entire design piece is dazzling with Swarovski® crystals.

The circle is considered the ultimate representation of the eternal cycle of life and of self realization. The process of both is continuous, with life and death in nature leading to rebirth and growth, and with the quest for understanding of one’s Self never fully complete. The Trinity Knot also reflects the unending connection between three aspect of self, including Mind, Body, and Spirit, or the continuous interplay between Past, Present and Future. Together the two combine to show a powerful demonstration of life’s journey towards self actualization and personal legacy.

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Swarovski White Crystals

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18" Sterling Silver Belcher, Bolt Ring Catch


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