Silver Medium Claddagh ‘Love Loyalty Friendship’ Ring

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If you’re looking for a meaningful way to honor your Irish heritage, you’ll find that our Silver Medium Claddagh ‘Love Loyalty Friendship’ Ring is an ideal choice. This piece of traditional, sterling silver jewelry is handcrafted in Ireland and assayed within the hallowed halls of historic Dublin Castle. Each ring features elegant, “Love, Loyalty, Friendship” engraving inside the band, as well as a delicately wrought crowned-heart-and-hands motif that symbolizes everlasting love, loyalty and affection.

For centuries, Irish men and women have exchanged these rings to show their warm regard for one another. To this day, many Irish couples choose Claddagh designs in lieu of plain gold wedding bands. The charm and beauty of our exceptional Claddagh ring design makes it a perfect addition to any woman’s jewelry wardrobe.

The medium size and scale of this piece is perfect for all body types, so it’s destined to become an everyday favorite that is versatile enough for casual outfits or formal attire. Each affordable ring comes in a pretty presentation box that is perfect for gift-giving.

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