Gents Two Tone Gold Trinity Knot Wedding Ring

Men who are looking for special wedding rings to wear often feel frustrated by the plethora of plain gold wedding bands available in the marketplace. For gents who want a little more from their wedding jewelry, we offer a two-tone Celtic design that features ancient symbols of Irish, Scottish and Welsh culture. If you’d enjoy wearing a wedding band that honors your ancestry, you are certainly not alone; that’s why this signature wedding band is one of our most popular styles. This timeless ring is made by hand in the Emerald Isle for true authenticity, and it features an array of Trinity Knots. These symbols of faith, which illustrate Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are bordered in intricate rope detailing for a masculine, rugged effect. To customize your design, you may choose 14k yellow gold knots or 14k white gold knots. The beauty of two-tone wedding bands is the way that they coordinate with any wristwatch or other jewelry.

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Approx. 8.5g


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