Silver Celtic Jewelry

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  • Sterling-Silver-Mens-Blace-Onyx-Celtic-Anchor-necklace-SP2302-

    Sterling Silver Men’s Black Onyx Celtic Anchor Necklace

  • Sterling-Silver-mens-black-onyx-celtic-knot-dog-tag-pendant-SP2305

    Sterling Silver Men’s Black Onyx Celtic knot Dog Tag Pendant

  • Sterling-Silver-Mens-Black-Spinel-Celtic-Cross-Shield-Necklace-SP2313

    Sterling Silver Men’s Black Spinel Celtic Cross Shield Necklace

  • Sterling-Silver-mens-black-spinel-celtic-dog-tag-pendant-SP2314

    Sterling Silver Men’s Black Spinel Celtic Dog Tag Pendant

  • Sterling-Silver-mens-blue-lapis-celtic-knot-dog-tag-pendant-SP2310

    Sterling Silver Men’s Blue Lapis Celtic Knot Dog Tag Pendant

  • Sterling-Silver-Mens-Blue-Lapis-Celtic-Knot-Shield-Necklace-SP2309

    Sterling Silver Men’s Blue Lapis Celtic Knot Shield Necklace

  • Sterling-Silver-Mens-Celtic-Compass-North-Star-Polaris-Necklace-SP2297

    Sterling Silver Men’s Celtic Compass North Star Polaris Necklace

  • Sterling-Silver-Mens-Celtic-Knot-Ignot-Necklace-SP2299

    Sterling Silver Men’s Celtic Knot Ingot Necklace

  • Sterling-Silver-mens-Celtic-Lapis-North-Star-Necklace-SP2311

    Sterling Silver Men’s Celtic Lapis North Star Necklace

  • Sterling-Silver-Mens-Celtic-Tree-of-Life-Necklace-SP2295

    Sterling Silver Men’s Celtic Tree of Life Necklace

  • Sterling-Silver-Mens-Onyx-Celtic-Dragon-Necklace-SP2304

    Sterling Silver Men’s Onyx Celtic Dragon Necklace

  • Sterling-Silver-Mother-of-Pearl-Celtic-Cross-Medallion-Pendant-with-White-Crystals-SW228

    Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Celtic Cross Medallion Pendant with White Crystals

  • Sterling-Silver-Mother-of-Pearl-Celtic-Knot-Medallion-Pendant-with-White-Crystals-SW230

    Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Celtic Knot Medallion Pendant with White Crystals

  • Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Celtic Tree of Life Medallion Pendant with White Crystals

  • Sterling-Silver-Mother-of-Pearl-Irish-Claddagh-Medallion-Pendant-with-White-Crystals-SW231

    Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Irish Claddagh Medallion Pendant with White Crystals

  • Sterling-Silver-Paper-Clip-Irish-Shamrock-Medallion-Necklace-with-White-Cubic-Zirconia-SP2323

    Sterling Silver Paperclip Celtic Cross Medallion Necklace with White Cubic Zirconia


Since our sterling silver designs are just so affordable, it will be possible for you to collect a few pieces and then build a lovely Celtic jewelry wardrobe. We offer reasonably-priced, matched sets of silver jewelry, as well as a range of rings, pendants and earrings that will look wonderful together. To take the guesswork out of selecting pieces, choose designs with the same symbol. For example, choose Trinity Knot designs or Claddagh pieces, or select jewelry that features any other symbol that you especially like. Then, your designs will always look great together.

Some of our sterling silver pieces feature pretty embellishments, including birthstones, pearls, diamonds, emeralds and CZ gemstones. Whether you want the lustrous beauty of pearls, the luxurious shimmer of authentic, precious gems, or the affordability of lab-created gemstones, you’ll find that we have the specific styles that you want.

At Irish Celtic Jewels, we believe in what we sell. That’s why we offer our valued clientele access to the most caring and professional customer service. In addition to a secure shopping interface that will keep all of your personal information and financial details safe and secure, we offer our customers low-price and money-back guarantees. If you find the same jewelry design online for a lower price, we’ll match that price for you. If you’re not satisfied with your new silver jewelry, you’ll have 30 days to return the piece for an exchange or refund.

Additional services that we are pleased to provide to our customers include a Fedex shipping option, and no sales tax on orders from America. Our goal is provide you with the sort of smooth and pleasant transaction that you really deserve. If you have any questions about what we offer or how to order your preferred pieces, please reach out to us today. You may contact us via the following email address: