Gents Celtic and Claddagh Wedding Rings

At Irish Celtic Jewels, we offer men traditional Celtic wedding rings that are masculine, symbolic and crafted entirely by hand. If you’re looking for wedding bands that capture the spirit of thousands of years of Irish and Celtic history, choosing one of our signature designs will be the perfect way to honor your own family background. To help you learn more about our designs, we’ve created a helpful quick guide. This web page also features our entire assortment of gent’s rings.

The rings that we offer are handmade in Ireland, by artisans who respect the ancient tradition of masterful Celtic metal work. When you select your preferred design today, you’ll receive authentic Celtic jewelry that is stamped for purity at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle. Each ring that we offer will also feature a matching wedding ring for her. If you’re looking for coordinated designs for your upcoming wedding day, you’ll adore the options that we provide.

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Our exquisite Celtic designs are crafted from a range of materials, such as sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, and two-toned gold. We offer thin, medium-sized and wide bands that feature the most revered and time-honored symbols of Celtic culture, such as Trinity Knots, Claddagh symbols and Ogham Script.

To give every man the choices that he wants, we provide a variety of styles, from subtle and sophisticated to bold and dramatic. In addition, our Celtic wedding bands are available at many different price points.

To back up what we sell, we are proud to offer the most caring and professional customer service. For example, every customer will gain access to a low-price guarantee, as well as a 30-day, money-back guarantee. We also offer a Fedex priority shipping option, in order to ensure that your new design will arrive safe and sound, exactly when you want it to. In addition, our American clients are exempt from paying sales tax on our superlative jewelry designs.

Each ring that we sell will be sent out in a keepsake presentation box that shows off its beauty to perfection.

If you’re new to the world of Celtic symbols, allow us to give you a glimpse into the mystical and meaningful motifs of the Irish, Scottish and Welsh…

Trinity Knots are symbols of faith. Each Trinity Knot features three equal and interlocking parts, which represent the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). If you want to show your faith while also honoring your heritage, a striking Trinity Knot band may be the ideal choice for you.

Claddagh symbols are purely Irish expressions of love, loyalty and affection. The Claddagh motif features a distinctive, “crowned-heart-and-hands” motif that is very romantic and inspiring. If you want a ring that displays your passion and commitment to your true love, a Claddagh design will suit you perfectly.

Ogham script is an ancient Celtic written language. Vertical markings and horizontal lines are used to spell out words. Today, thousands of trees in Celtic lands feature Ogham script, which was used to exchange messages in medieval times. We honor the past by offering gent’s wedding rings that are engraved with mysterious and beautiful Ogham script.

When you order your wedding band, you’ll receive a design that is specially created according to your exact specifications. So, why not choose your favorite today, and then enjoy a truly stunning ring that is meant to be treasured for a lifetime?