Celtic Pendants

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  • hope-malachite-celtic-cross-pendant-sp2283

    Sterling Silver Hope Malachite Celtic Cross Pendant

  • malachite-tree-of-life-trinity-knot-circle-pendant-sp2286

    Sterling Silver Malachite Tree of Life Trinity Knot Circle Pendant

  • Sterling-Silver-Mens-Blace-Onyx-Celtic-Anchor-necklace-SP2302-

    Sterling Silver Men’s Black Onyx Celtic Anchor Necklace

  • Sterling-Silver-mens-black-onyx-celtic-knot-dog-tag-pendant-SP2305

    Sterling Silver Men’s Black Onyx Celtic knot Dog Tag Pendant

  • Sterling-Silver-Mens-Black-Spinel-Celtic-Cross-Shield-Necklace-SP2313

    Sterling Silver Men’s Black Spinel Celtic Cross Shield Necklace

  • Sterling-Silver-mens-black-spinel-celtic-dog-tag-pendant-SP2314

    Sterling Silver Men’s Black Spinel Celtic Dog Tag Pendant

  • Sterling-Silver-mens-blue-lapis-celtic-knot-dog-tag-pendant-SP2310

    Sterling Silver Men’s Blue Lapis Celtic Knot Dog Tag Pendant

  • Sterling-Silver-Mens-Blue-Lapis-Celtic-Knot-Shield-Necklace-SP2309

    Sterling Silver Men’s Blue Lapis Celtic Knot Shield Necklace

  • Sterling-Silver-Mens-Celtic-Compass-North-Star-Polaris-Necklace-SP2297

    Sterling Silver Men’s Celtic Compass North Star Polaris Necklace

  • Sterling-Silver-Mens-Celtic-Knot-Ignot-Necklace-SP2299

    Sterling Silver Men’s Celtic Knot Ingot Necklace

  • Sterling-Silver-mens-Celtic-Lapis-North-Star-Necklace-SP2311

    Sterling Silver Men’s Celtic Lapis North Star Necklace

  • Sterling-Silver-Mens-Celtic-Tree-of-Life-Necklace-SP2295

    Sterling Silver Men’s Celtic Tree of Life Necklace

  • Sterling-Silver-Mens-Onyx-Celtic-Dragon-Necklace-SP2304

    Sterling Silver Men’s Onyx Celtic Dragon Necklace

  • Sterling-Silver-Mother-of-Pearl-Celtic-Cross-Medallion-Pendant-with-White-Crystals-SW228

    Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Celtic Cross Medallion Pendant with White Crystals

  • Sterling-Silver-Mother-of-Pearl-Celtic-Knot-Medallion-Pendant-with-White-Crystals-SW230

    Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Celtic Knot Medallion Pendant with White Crystals

  • Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Celtic Tree of Life Medallion Pendant with White Crystals


In order to offer our valued clientele access to pendants that suit their preferences – and their pocketbooks – we are proud to provide styles in a range of materials, at a wide assortment of price points. Whether you choose an affordable sterling silver design or a gold pendant inlaid with emeralds and diamonds, you’ll find that we offer the most superb, handcrafted quality for the very best price. Every pendant that we send out has been stamped at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle. When it comes to true Celtic authenticity, we are proud to offer designs that really measure up.

By choosing our company, you’ll also access the sort of old-fashioned customer service that is so hard to find nowadays. We feature secure shopping services, a Fedex shipping option, no sales tax on orders to America, and “low price” and 30-day, money-back guarantees. By providing the best online ordering system, plus all of the services that you respect and deserve, we go the extra mile in order to earn your loyalty and respect.

If you’re new to the world of Celtic symbols, you’re in for a fascinating journey. These symbols have been used in Ireland, Scotland and Wales for thousands of years, and they continue to inspire new generations. For example, the Claddagh symbols on our pendants represent love, loyalty and affection. Trinity Knots are symbols of Father, Son and Holy Spirit (as are three-leaf Shamrock motifs). Spirals illustrate life-force and eternity. Saint Bridget’s Cross designs honor the spirit of this famous Irish nun, who spent her life serving the sick and poor.

Now that you know more about our pendants and our company, why not treat yourself to a beautiful Celtic pendant? Our pendants are also ideal gift ideas for ladies with Celtic ancestry. When you order online, your pendent will arrive in a pretty presentation box. Once you’ve worn your first Celtic pendant, you may find that you have the urge to build a jewelry wardrobe that is filled with Celtic symbols. Luckily, we offer complementary rings, earrings, bracelets and charms.