Irish Information

Irish Weddings – Irish people love celebrations and a wedding is one of the most beloved. There are delightful Irish wedding traditions that date back in history, many that still exist in modern weddings today. Read more about Irish Weddings >>

The Claddagh Story – The story is a romantic one concerning a fisherman of Claddagh, Richard Joyce, who was kidnapped by pirates as he fished one day. He was eventually sold as a slave to a goldsmith. Read more about The Claddagh Story >>

Celtic Symbol Meanings – Celtic rings are a beautiful way to wear variations of the ancient celtic knot designs. There is much speculation and scholarly guesses associated with the meaning of celtic knots. Read more about Celtic Symbol Meanings >>

History of Celtic Crosses – Dating back to about the 5th Century AD, these large carved crosses with a circle at the point of intersection were highly decorated with spirals, curves, and geometric patterns. Read more about the History of Celtic Crosses >>

St. Patrick – St. Patrick was born into a Christian family in Britain around 389. His father was a deacon and his grandfather was a priest, as this was before the mandate of celibacy for Christian clergymen. Read more about St. Patrick >>

Christmas in Ireland – In Ireland, the Christmas season is a long one with great attention paid to the religious aspect of the holiday. Read more about Christmas in Ireland >>

Easter in Ireland – Easter marks a new season, a time of change, which is why cleaning the house and buying a new wardrobe is ingrained in the culture. Read more about Easter in Ireland >>

Baptisms, Communion – Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation are seen as milestones in a Christian person’s life in Ireland. In this section, we discuss these sacraments in the Catholic church and other denominations. Read more about Baptisms, Communion >>

Irish Festivals & Parades – Irish Festivals and Parades have been a long tradition of people all over the world. Our search of all things Irish have turned up in some amazing and far-reaching places. Read more about Irish Festivals & Parades >>

Irish Clubs & Societies – If you’re ever looking for a fun Irish festival, doing genealogy research, or just interested in researching Ireland in general, the Irish associations and clubs are a great place to start. Read more about Irish Clubs & Societies >>

Irish Music & Dance – Irish dance has a rich history beginning back in Pagan times where dances were performed as rituals to honor the sun god. Read more about Irish Music & Dance >>

Irish Proverbs – The site wouldn’t be complete without a section on Irish proverbs. In true Irish form, the proverbs are lovely little reminders of how to live a good, respectable, healthy life. Read more about Irish Proverbs >>

Irish Blessings – For every event in a person’s life (even getting dressed in the morning) there is an Irish blessing. Some recite the blessings to themselves, out loud at celebrations, and in cards. Read more about Irish Blessings >>

Irish Toasts – We’ve included some of our favorites for you to read and recite at your next gathering whether it’s a large event or a friend over for lunch. Read more about Irish Toasts >>

Irish Recipes – The history of Irish cooking shows a wide use of fresh ingredients with a variety of foods before and after the potato became a dietary staple. Read more about Irish Recipes >>

Irish Vocabulary – Irish Vocabulary, Everyday English and Slang

Irish Humour – An Irishman can tell a joke in one sentence, with a straight face, to another Irishman who appreciates the joke without cracking a smile. Some would call this dry humor. Read more about Irish Humour >>

Celtic Clothing – Some books and movies portray the Celts as wearing dull-looking tattered clothing but this is hardly representative of what historians and archaeologists have found during research and excavation. Read more about Celtic Clothing >>

Irish History – Most people know there has been political unrest in Ireland. The north of Ireland, six counties to be exact, is still part of the United Kingdom but the 26th southern counties fought for independence and won in 1921. Read more about Irish History >>

Valentines Day – Most people are unaware the reason Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th each year is because of a priest in Dublin, Ireland. Read more about Valentines Day >>

Irish Anniversary’s – Celebrating an anniversary is a tribute and yearly reminder of the love, dedication, and determination a marriage needs from two people. That is why marking an anniversary in a memorable way is so important each year. Read more about Irish Anniversary’s >>