Guide to Our Diamond Shapes

At Irish Celtic Jewels, we offer high-quality diamonds in two beautiful and distinctive shapes. Our round and princess-cut gemstones come in a range of colors, clarity levels, and sizes to fit your exact specifications (as well as your personal budget). To help you choose the perfect diamond shape, we’ve compiled some helpful information about round and princess-cut diamonds. You may use this information to decide on the shape that is ideal for your Celtic diamond ring.

Round Diamonds

This popular diamond shape is favored by women the world over because it is so classic and traditional. For over a century, diamond cutters have created dazzling round diamond shapes that show off the glow, shimmer and depth of precious diamond gemstones. Designed to offer perfect balance and to minimize the appearance of any diamond flaws (also known as occlusions) the round diamond shape allows the natural beauty of any gemstone to come shining through.

Princess-cut Diamonds

If round diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings and other diamond jewelry designs, princess-cut diamonds run a very close second. This style of diamond shape features pointed corners and a square design. However, some types of princess-cut diamonds do come in shapes that are more rectangular. Elegant princess-cut shapes offer style and individuality that is very appealing to many women, and these types of diamond shapes also show off the lustre, sparkle and brilliance of diamonds to absolute perfection.

Now that you know more about our diamond shapes, you’ll be ready to make a wise and informed decision about which design is best for you. If you have any questions, please call us, or email us via the Contact Us page of our website.