Exploring Ireland – Temple Bar, Dublin

Known as Dublin’s premier cultural quarter, Temple Bar is situated near the picturesque River Liffey, and it is one of this vibrant Irish city’s most historic and charming regions. Famous for its lively nightspots and its chic boutique hotels (such as the Clarence Hotel, which is owned by “half” of U2 – Bono and the […]

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Exploring Ireland – Malahide Castle

Known as the preferred reception venue of rock stars, famous athletes and Hollywood luminaries, this famous and majestic Dublin Castle has stood for over 800 years. Beautifully maintained and decorated with great care, Malahide Castle is usually open to the public; there is even an on-site restaurant where guests may nibble at homemade scones, fruit […]

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Exploring Ireland – Kells, County Meath

Located just a half hour’s drive away from Dublin, Ireland, Kells is a small town with a rich historical legacy. In the Early Medieval Period, this County Meath enclave was the preferred royal residence of the Irish High Kings. This town was also the location of the Battle of Kells, where Edward Bruce (younger brother […]

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Ireland’s Native Animals – the Irish Hare

The adorable Irish hare has been in the news lately, because this breed (known by the scientific name, Lepus timidus) is sadly facing extinction. Non-native animals that prey on this species are the main reason why Irish hares now appear on the endangered species list… Ireland is perhaps best known for its wolfhounds, setters, and […]

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Exploring Ireland – Malin Head

A premier County Donegal tourist attraction, Malin Head is a rugged stretch of coastline that holds its place as one of the Emerald Isle’s northernmost points. Visitors to this wild and unspoiled Irish land often come to Malin Head to enjoy outdoor pursuits, such as fishing, hiking, swimming and golf. Many tourists also come to […]

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Ireland’s Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations

Do you dream of spending Valentine’s Day within the stone walls of a medieval Irish Castle, or walking hand in hand with your sweetheart near the dramatic Cliffs of Moher? Ireland is world-renowned for its unique charms, and this beautiful country boasts some stunning tourist attractions that are ideal Valentine’s Day destinations for partners of […]

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Exploring Ireland – Cobh, Co. Cork

Located in County Cork, Ireland, the scenic seaside town of Cobh (pronounced, “cove”) is well-known for its charming, colorful row-houses, as well as its famous statue of Irish immigrant Annie Moore (and her two brothers). Ms. Moore was the first person to be processed at Ellis Island, and she arrived there after an arduous journey […]

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Christmas In Ireland

In Ireland, Christmas is also called by the word, Nollaig, which means “birthday” – as a predominately Catholic country, the Emerald Isle is the home of many touching (and fun!) Yuletide rituals and celebrations. A traditional Irish Christmas is focused on church, family and friends, as well as selective outings in the local community. While […]

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Irish Photographer Peter Cox

In a sleek, modern gallery in Killarney, Ireland, photographer Peter Cox showcases a series of stunning landscape photographs that really capture the essence of Ireland’s abundant natural beauty… Recently, we were lucky enough to enjoy these brilliant pictures, and we’d now like to share them with our readers, along with a little information about this […]

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Belfast, Ireland – The Titanic Connection

You may not know that the legendary- and doomed – vessel known as the RMS Titanic was actually built in Belfast… In fact, every aspect of the ship’s production was overseen from the harbour region of this Irish city. Today, remnants of the Titanic’s history and meaning remain visible in the Belfast area, and these […]

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