Celtic History – Illuminated Manuscripts

The beauty, symbolism and artistry of Celtic illuminated manuscripts makes them something to marvel at – that’s why the most spectacular examples of these ornate, medieval works of art (such as the Irish Book of Kells) are displayed in museums. In fact, the most shining examples of this unique art form are considered priceless artifacts […]

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Pittsburgh Irish Festival – September 9th – 11th, 2011

Celebrate your Irish heritage at this year’s Pittsburgh Irish Festival. This end of summer get-together spans three days and features an amazing roster of Emerald Isle-inspired things to see and do, including dance, live music, art, Gaelic lore, storytelling, and traditional food & drink. Also known as the “halfway to Saint Paddy’s Day festival”, this […]

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Red Hair And The Irish People

Red hair is gorgeous, and it’s comparatively rare, too – except in the Emerald Isle, which features the world’s second largest population of natural redheads (Scotland is number one). Reminiscent of the beauty of bonfire flames at night, or the turning leaves in autumn, red hair is sometimes accompanied by a dusting of freckles. Often, […]

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Irish History – The Milesians

Descended from the legendary Iberian, Míl Espáine , the Milesians were believed to be the first true Gaelic Celts of Ireland. Míl Espáine (“soldier of Hispania”) lived the life of a nobleman and a warrior, and he sought out adventures and battles in Egypt and Spain. This notable historical figure had a vision that he […]

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Add A Shot Of Color To Your Charm Bracelet With Irish Glass Beads

Every charm bracelet needs hints of bright color to add richness and dimension. If you’re looking for ways to customize your bracelet and make it more stylish and personal, you’ll love our Irish glass bead charms. Crafted from fine art glass, each charm also features silver detailing (with Tara’s Diary Collection engraving) and exciting, multicolored […]

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Obama’s Visit To Ireland

This past May 23, United States President Barack Obama (along with his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama) touched down in Ireland for a visit. Obama’s trip to Ireland was part of a four-country tour that included England, Poland, and France… The Irish people displayed their customary warmth and hospitality to the American politician and his […]

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How To Cook A Traditional Irish Breakfast

If you’re of Irish ancestry, you may really enjoy cooking up a hearty and traditional Irish breakfast with all the trimmings. This sort of classic Gaelic feast can be wonderful for lazy holiday weekends, or as a special brunch menu for family and friends. A typical Irish breakfast will never appear on the menus at […]

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The Queen’s Visit To Ireland

In May, Queen Elizabeth II made an historic visit to Ireland – this tour was the first visit by a British monarch since 1911. The Queen’s visit to Ireland was greeted with much fanfare and praise -after all, the country had not received such an honor since it became a republic. To many, this tour […]

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