Irish Wedding Gifts

The Claddagh symbol is found on many gifts today. Besides rings, other pieces of fine jewelry including bracelets and lockets carry the Claddagh design. It is engraved in candlestick holders and pewter bells and can also be seen in fine china. A painting by the renowned Irish artist, Roger Cummiskey would be a long appreciated […]

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Getting Married in Ireland

There are many traditions for a wedding in Ireland. Some are old and some are new. It begins with the couple walking to the Church together before the ceremony. As they walk down the streets together, anyone in favor of the couple getting married would throw pots, pans, and other household items out their windows. […]

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Irish Wedding Cake Recipe

Ingredients Currants 1 lb. 12 oz./800g. Sultanas (Golden Raisins) 1lb./450g. Raisins 9 oz./25 oz 250 g. Shredded Almonds 7 oz./200g. Glace Cherries 70z/200g. Peel, cut, mixed 70z/200g. Flour 1lb 3oz. 525 g. Salt 1 teaspoon Mixed Spice 2 1/2 tsp. Butter 1lb.450g. Rich Dark sugar 1lb. 450g. Black treacle 2 tbsp. Orange and Lemon zest […]

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Irish Wedding Folklore

Folklore has been defined as the practice of people to verbally convey the traditional beliefs commonly held so that they may pass from one generation to another. Irish folklore portrays the rich culture and traditions of Ireland and continues to be handed on through oral interpretations. The following portents and omens derive from folklore. The […]

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Traditional Irish Wine

Traditionally, when people speak of Irish Wine, they are referring to a unique drink made from white wine, honey, and herbs called Meade. This wine was said to have been first made in secret by Irish Monks. It’s popularity spread quickly and was often served at Irish feasts of all occasions, including weddings. The bride […]

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