Irish Wedding Cake Recipe

Ingredients Currants 1 lb. 12 oz./800g. Sultanas (Golden Raisins) 1lb./450g. Raisins 9 oz./25 oz 250 g. Shredded Almonds 7 oz./200g. Glace Cherries 70z/200g. Peel, cut, mixed 70z/200g. Flour 1lb 3oz. 525 g. Salt 1 teaspoon Mixed Spice 2 1/2 tsp. Butter 1lb.450g. Rich Dark sugar 1lb. 450g. Black treacle 2 tbsp. Orange and Lemon zest […]

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Irish Wedding Folklore

Folklore has been defined as the practice of people to verbally convey the traditional beliefs commonly held so that they may pass from one generation to another. Irish folklore portrays the rich culture and traditions of Ireland and continues to be handed on through oral interpretations. The following portents and omens derive from folklore. The […]

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