Irish Clubs & Societies Worldwide

Australia Irish Club of Western Australia 61 Townshend Road Subiaco, Western Australia 6009 Canberra Irish Club 6 Parkinson Street, Weston, ACT, 2611 Australian-Irish Heritage Society Belgium Irish Club of Belgium Canada Irish Club of Regina PO Box 37171, Landmark Shoppers Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada S4S 7K4 England Irish Club of […]

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Irish Clubs & Societies: United States

By State in Alphabetical Order Scroll down or click on a letter A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z California Sacramento Irish Social Club Connecticut Irish American Home Society Glastonbury, CT 860-633-9691 Gaelic-American Club […]

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Irish Clubs, Societies & Associations

If you’re ever looking for a fun Irish festival, doing genealogy research, or just interested in researching Ireland in general, the Irish associations and clubs are a great place to start. Most often organizing Irish festivals and parties, the associations list events on their websites. Joining a club is a good way to stay up […]

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More Irish Festivals Worldwide

Australia April 5-9, 2007 National Folk Festival Northbourne Avenue and Flemington Road Mitchell, suburb of Canberra, New South Wales, Australia Japan April 1 , 2007 The 2nd St. Patrick’s Day Parade Nagoya March 3, 2007 The 3rd St. Patrick’s Day Parade Ise March 10, 2007 The 4th St. Patrick’s Day Parade […]

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Canadian Irish Festivals

Alberta June 23, 2007 Water Valley Traditional Celtic Folk Festival Water Valley, Alberta New Brunswick July 20-22, 2007 Canada’s Irish Festival Miramichi, New Brunswick Nova Scotia October 5-13, 2007 Cape Breton Island Celtic Colours Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia Ontario 2007: Date to be announced Celtic Roots Festival Lion’s Harbour Park 168 […]

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European Festivals

Irish Festivals are celebrated across Europe in every country imaginable. We have listed the below countries by areas of Europe. East Europe Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Isreal, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine Central Europe Albania, Bosnia-Hertzegonia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Poland, Serbia & Montenegro, Slova Mid-South Europe Austria, […]

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Irish Festivals and Parades

Irish Festivals and Parades have been a long tradition of people all over the world. Our search of all things Irish have turned up in some amazing and far-reaching places. If you are visiting Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day or any other time of the year, we’ve included many types of festivals. Ireland St. Patrick’s […]

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Irish Liturgical Calender

The Liturgical Calendar, for Roman Catholics, starts on the first Sunday in Advent and documents religious life by event instead of by date. This is a description published by the Irish Diocese. Advent The year for the Roman Catholic Church begins with the first Sunday in Advent. This is calculated by counting back four Sundays […]

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Baptism & Communion

Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation are seen as milestones in a Christian person’s life in Ireland. In this section, we discuss these sacraments in the Catholic church and other denominations. We also offer views of modern-day agnostic rites of passage and welcome stories from our readers that we share on our site. For our […]

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