Meaning of Celtic Crosses

Interpretations of the parts of the Cross vary depending on the legend examined. Some believe that the horizontal portion of the Cross represents the earthly world, whereas the vertical portion is heaven. The joining part represents the unification of heaven and earth. In other explanations, the number 4 holds great meaning. The 4 arms of […]

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History of Celtic Crosses

A very interesting symbol is the Celtic Cross. Dating back to about the 5th Century AD, these large carved crosses with a circle at the point of intersection were highly decorated with spirals, curves, and geometric patterns. Known as a High Cross, the oldest Crosses were formed from large, flat rock forms in the earth. […]

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Other Celtic Symbols

Cross of St. Columba The Cross of St. Columba has a long past dating back, according to archaeologists and scholars, to 5,000 BC. The Cross of St. Columba is also known as the Celtic cross, Ionic cross, or the Solar cross. The Solar cross, thought to represent the sun god Taranis, could be the earliest […]

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Popular Celtic Symbols

The Shamrock The shamrock could be the most widely recognized Irish symbol before the Claddagh. Modern day views of this symbol are associated with St. Patrick’s Day every March or symbols of good luck or good luck charms. Most people confuse the four leaf clover with the shamrock. The shamrock has three leaves and is […]

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The Meaning of Celtic Symbols

Celtic rings are a beautiful way to wear variations of the ancient Celtic knot designs. There is much speculation and scholarly guesses associated with the meaning of celtic knots. The Celts didn’t keep records of the meanings of the designs they created but they were included in so many areas of their life. Celtic knots […]

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Find the Perfect Diamond For You

This guest post and infographic (below) was kindly provided by Naomi Janelle Shaw. Every diamond is one-of-a-kind, distinguished by its internal patterns, inclusions, color, shape, size, and radiance. If you are seeking the perfect diamond, it’s important to have an understanding of the diamond grading scale. The following quick guide will give you an idea […]

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Crann Bethadh: Tree Of Life, Month of Ash

  This Wednesday, February 18 marks the beginning of the month of Ash. That’s the tree, not the soot. The ancient Celts devised a tree calendar based on the lunar cycle. Trees held great importance to the early peoples of Ireland. In those days, before we trod over all to pave and build, process and […]

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Ash Wednesday: Pancakes Now, Penance For The Duration.

In just two weeks, on February 18th, the Lenten season will be upon us. For forty days people of faith will fast and forsake the trivial and material while focusing on the important aspects of life. The official beginning of lent falls on Ash Wednesday, when in many faiths, foreheads are marked with ash to show […]

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Let Blessed Brigid Enter The House

This coming Sunday, February 1st marks the Feast of St. Bridget of Kildare. Along with St. Patrick and Saint Columba, Bridget is one of Ireland’s three patron saints. This day is also known as the Celtic festival of Imbolc, celebrating the beginning of Spring and an evening when Bridget goes from house to house offering […]

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