“Of my nation! What ish my nation?” Ireland and Drinking

  In parts of America They call St. Patrick’s Day amateur night as people of all race and creed seem to gather in lighthearted competition to see who can drink the most. Now is that a compliment? That once a year so many should wear green and distill a nation’s entire spirit to the quick […]

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Blame The Irish

When the Irish came to America they managed to bring a few precious things with them, including some songs, recipes and the will to survive in this country. But upon stepping off the boats many were met with high prices, little work and unwelcoming natives. So many Irish continued their journey past the port cities moving south or […]

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Who are we?

Our guest post today is written by Joseph Murphy The Mc’s and the O’s with the Irish Blessing hung upon the wall and a Celtic cross on the mantle. With a Shamrock on the sweatshirt and a Claddagh on the same hand we use to salute Old Glory. After generations here, lifetimes given to help forge […]

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