Popular Characters of Irish Folklore

Irish folklore has been passed from generation to generation for many centuries. The central premise revolves around superstitions and beliefs that the Irish have retained century upon century. While a majority of Irish legends are heavily influenced by superstition, they have successfully preserved a portion of the Irish culture. What’s for certain is Ireland is […]

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Literature Preserves Irish Culture

Any immigrant living in the United States has experienced difficulty preserving their culture and identity. Becoming influenced by their new, principal culture is natural, but most feel the desire to preserve their heritage. That desire to preserve one’s history is usually amplified when we become parents. We want the next generation to know where we […]

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Hearts, Flowers and Jewelry, Oh My

The meaning and celebration of Valentine’s Day translates well between most countries and cultures. February the 14th is a day coated with thoughts and actions of love and gifts. Most every woman desires to be remembered by their spouse or significant other on the day that’s dotted with chocolates, candied hearts, flowers and cards. Valentine’s […]

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