Irish Liturgical Calender

The Liturgical Calendar, for Roman Catholics, starts on the first Sunday in Advent and documents religious life by event instead of by date. This is a description published by the Irish Diocese. Advent The year for the Roman Catholic Church begins with the first Sunday in Advent. This is calculated by counting back four Sundays […]

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First Holy Communion

The Sacrament, First Communion marks becoming a fully participating member of the church. People, usually children, are put through a formal religious educational program in preparation of receiving the host. In the Catholic Church, children are usually given their first communion around the ages of seven or eight. About the Eucharist Holy Communion is also […]

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Baptism & Communion

Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation are seen as milestones in a Christian person’s life in Ireland. In this section, we discuss these sacraments in the Catholic church and other denominations. We also offer views of modern-day agnostic rites of passage and welcome stories from our readers that we share on our site. For our […]

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Christmas in Ireland

The Christmas holiday is celebrated all over the world. The manner of celebrating is basically the same, yet each culture’s unique touches gives the season its own special flavor. In Ireland, the Christmas season is a long one with great attention paid to the religious aspect of the holiday. It begins with Advent, four weeks […]

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