Traditional Irish Wine

Traditionally, when people speak of Irish Wine, they are referring to a unique drink made from white wine, honey, and herbs called Meade. This wine was said to have been first made in secret by Irish Monks. It’s popularity spread quickly and was often served at Irish feasts of all occasions, including weddings. The bride and groom were given special goblets from which to toast each other. They were encouraged to consume generous portions of the intoxicating drink, particularly the groom. It was believed that the Meade had powers of virility and fertility.

After the wedding, the couple was usually in seclusion with enough of this honeyed wine to last a month. If the bride produced a child nine months after the wedding, credit was given to the Meade. A few decades ago the, making of Meade was revived by the Bunrtty Mead and Liqueur Company in County Clare. So today wedding parties and their guests can enjoy a traditional Irish toast.

Another unique drink in Ireland, also available through the Bunratty Meade and Liqueur Company is Potcheen. It was originally distilled by Irish farmers and commonly referred to as Moonshine. Made of malt, yeast, barley water and sugars, it had a very strong taste that grew sweeter as it developed. Today it is enjoyed in a variety of ways, particularly in Irish Coffee. It is served at many celebrations, including weddings and continues to delight the palate as much as a refreshing drink of Meade.

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