The Meaning of Celtic Symbols

Celtic rings are a beautiful way to wear variations of the ancient Celtic knot designs. There is much speculation and scholarly guesses associated with the meaning of celtic knots. The Celts didn’t keep records of the meanings of the designs they created but they were included in so many areas of their life. Celtic knots have been seen throughout history in religious art and manuscripts but also to decorate clothing, jewelry, and even themselves in the form of tattoos.

Because of the context of the designs that scholars have studied, it has been speculated that the knots represent basic tenants of life, mankind, and spirituality. Some could have been created to ward off evil spirits, others are said to relate to the concept of eternity, eternal life, or the interconnectedness of all living things.

Over time archaeologists have determined that the outer shape of a knot is key to the overall meaning and have recorded a key of sorts to aid in determining the context of celtic designs.


These are shield knots considered symbols to ward off evil spirits or bad intentions.


Spirals, whether in single form or multiple spirals together, represent rebirth or life cycles. Having this spiritual and sacred symbol on a Celtic spiral wedding band really adds a greater depth of meaning to a wedding band.

People and Animals

When humans or animals are seen in a knot interlaced this can represent the struggle of man and nature, the dependence of man on nature, or represent relationships between man and nature or man vs. man.


When circles are present in a knot this is considered to represent eternity or the eternal cycle of life and death.

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