Meaning of Celtic Crosses

Interpretations of the parts of the Cross vary depending on the legend examined. Some believe that the horizontal portion of the Cross represents the earthly world, whereas the vertical portion is heaven. The joining part represents the unification of heaven and earth.

In other explanations, the number 4 holds great meaning. The 4 arms of the Cross could represent:

North, South, East and West
Fire, Earth, Air and Water
Mind, Body, Soul and Heart

Most interpretations of the Cross agree that the circle portion symbolizes eternal life and God’s infinite love.

Like all ancient symbols, many people and political groups have used the Celtic Cross or variants of it to represent personal causes. The evolution of a symbol often gives new meaning to it for the present, but it does not erase the history of its past. People today proudly wear the Celtic Cross in the form of fine jewelry. It symbolizes Irish folklore, Christianity, and the culture of today.

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