Jokes for Teasing

That man would talk the teeth out of a saw.
[describes a person who talks all the time]

The breath is only just in and out of him, and the grass doesn’t know of him walking over it.
[describes a thin, waif -looking person]

If that man went to a wedding, he’d stay for the christening.
[describes a person who overstays their welcome]

You might as well be whistling jigs to a milestone.
[describes trying to convince a stubborn person]

He is always in the field when luck is on the road.
[describes a person who’s experienced misfortune]

That’s a fine doorful of a woman.
[describes a tall and large person]

What would you expect out of a pig but a grunt?
[describes a person who uses profanities]

She has a tongue that would clip a hedge.
[describes a person who gossips frequently]

He’s fit to mind mice at a crossroads.
[describes a person who appears useless]

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