Irish Wedding Luck

Wishing a bride and groom good luck on their wedding day is a tradition that dates far back in time. But being a lucky couple was not always easy and the bride and groom had to work hard to ensure that luck would follow them. The next time you offer best wishes and congratulations to the happy couple consider the superstitions of the Irish tradition.

Good luck
A horseshoe is a symbol of good luck and an excellent wedding gift. But it must be hung in the home with the ends facing up so the luck doesn’t run out.

“Marry in May and rue the day. Marry in April if you can, joy for a maiden and a man.”

Marry during a growing moon and a flowing tide for eternal luck.

It is lucky to hear a cuckoo on the morning of your wedding day. The luck for you will triple if you are to see 3 magpies.

Lucky is the bride upon which the sun shines.

For good luck to follow the bride, a guest must throw an old shoe over her head as she exits the Church.

It is particularly lucky to be married on the last day of the year. As the couple wakes on the first day of the New Year it will also be the first day of their life together.

Placing a sixpence coin in one of the bride’s shoes will bring the couple luck in securing wealth and good fortune throughout their marriage.

Bad luck
It is considered bad luck if the bride or groom sings at their own wedding.

Anyone wearing green at an Irish wedding is inviting bad fortune.

It is unlucky to marry on a Saturday.

It is a bad omen to break a drinking glass on the wedding day.

It is quite an unlucky event to come upon a funeral procession on the day of the wedding.

In Ireland, the luckiest day to be married is on St. Patrick’s Day.

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