Irish Wedding Gifts

The Claddagh symbol is found on many gifts today. Besides rings, other pieces of fine jewelry including bracelets and lockets carry the Claddagh design. It is engraved in candlestick holders and pewter bells and can also be seen in fine china.

A painting by the renowned Irish artist, Roger Cummiskey would be a long appreciated gift.

Unique artworks fashioned from the ancient Bog Oak is a gift worth considering. Ronnie Graham is a Bog wood artist and has been carving since 1980. His website Irish Bog Wood Sculptures is well worth a visit for some unique wedding gift ideas.

An unusual, but delightful gift would be a musical instrument called the Irish Spoons. It serves as an excellent display piece but also comes with instructions to learn to play. Definitely a gift that would spark lively conversation.

Another specialized gift would be a Bodhran. This is an ancient, one-sided Irish drum. It can be designed with the family crest, a Celtic circle, or a Celtic Heart design. The Bodhran is made from goatskin and makes an excellent piece to display in the home. Paul at Irish Bodhrans used to play the Bodhran in his spare time. Now has a full-time career in the making and perfecting of handcrafted locally made Bodhrans.

Any couple would treasure a gift with Ogham wishes. Ogham is the ancient Irish alphabet that dates back to the first century. It was the first language of Ireland and the wishes were originally inscribed on stone. Today, these wishes can be found on jewelry, hand painted on paper, or carved into plaques.

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