Irish History

Most people know there has been political unrest in Ireland. The north of Ireland, six counties to be exact, is still part of the United Kingdom but the 26th southern counties fought for independence and won in 1921. Ireland now has two official descriptions when discussing politics. When referring to the sovereign state, the Republic of Ireland is the official description and Ireland is the state’s name, although most Irish people refer to their country as Ireland. Ireland is part of the European Union, although the top six counties are referred to as Northern Ireland and is still part of the United Kingdom.

With Ireland’s tumultuous political system, their official independence was only just earned in 1921. Celtic tribes are estimated to have arrived to the island now called Ireland around 150 BCE. By the 8th century, the early settlers were being invaded by Norsemen and didn’t have a reprieve from those invasions until 1012 BCE. The reprieve didn’t last long because by the 12th century England started a seven year long invasion of the Celts. With its tumultuous past, the prayer for peace in Ireland is strong. A peace agreement was reached in 1998 to end fighting between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland but this hasn’t proved to be as successful as envisioned.

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