Irish Dancing

Most people have seen Irish dancing performed at festivals or fairs. Irish dancing is an art from Ireland that has spread far from Ireland. In the United States and Canada one can find a dance studio in any major city that teaches traditional Irish dancing.

Recognizing Irish dancing is easy once one knows what to look for. The dancers are usually in brightly colored clothing with the women in skirts and the men in trousers, respectively. Irish dancing has much to do with coordination and very fast footwork. It is some of the most beautiful dancing while accompanied with traditional Irish music and colorful costumes. The most famous modern-day Irish dancing is performed in the musical Riverdance that tours all major cities in off-Broadway arenas.

Irish dancing is incorporated into traditional Irish weddings in a very simple way. People in Ireland are taught from a young age Irish dancing and it can be the most fun part about an Irish wedding. If one is throwing an Irish wedding that is not in Ireland and all the guests are not familiar with the steps, hiring a few dancers to start the evening is a wonderful way to honor the ancestry and teach people who haven’t seen this type of dancing. Most dance studios can be a great place to begin when searching for people to perform at a wedding reception.

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