Ireland’s Credit to the Day

Most people are unaware the reason Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th each year is because of a priest in Dublin, Ireland. In 1836 Pope Gregory XVI wanted to recognize the Carmelite Church on Whitefriar Street for the church’s former prior, Father John Spratt. Father Spratt was widely recognized as very holy man and the Pope wanted to do something memorable for the people of his church to forever memorialize the man. So the Pope sent a relic of a Christian martyr. A small gold-bound casket containing the earthly remains of St.Valentine. Pope Gregory had the relic removed from the St. Hyppolytus Cemetery in Rome on February 14th and sent to Dublin. The people of the Carmelite Church were so grateful for the gift they had an elaborate ceremony that began with a solemn procession to the high alter in the church. Then a mass took place dedicated to young people and those in love all over the world. Each year after 1836 the same procession and mass is performed over and over each year on February 14. Thanks to the people of Ireland, people all over the world have celebrated love on February 14.

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