Getting Married in Ireland

There are many traditions for a wedding in Ireland. Some are old and some are new. It begins with the couple walking to the Church together before the ceremony. As they walk down the streets together, anyone in favor of the couple getting married would throw pots, pans, and other household items out their windows. Today, bridal showers replace this practice.

Today, wearing a white wedding dress is a common practice. But the traditional Irish dress is blue. This was an ancient symbol of purity and virginity.

Getting married in Ireland can be a dream come true. The reality is that certain procedures must be carefully followed. The Department of Foreign Affairs is a logical place to begin. They offer a helpful list of instructions but the basics are listed below:

Three months before the wedding, both parties must write a letter of intent to marry to the Registrar’s Office.

One month before the wedding, the office of the Registrar-General must give written consent that the wedding may take place. In order for this to happen, if either party has been previously married, proof of a decree of divorce or a death certificate must be provided.

There is a residency requirement for civil ceremonies of up to 15 days. There is no residency requirement in the Catholic Church, however both parties must be of the Catholic faith.

For more detailed information, the General Register Office can provide specific instructions. Contact the Office at the following address:

General Register Office,
Convent Road, Roscommon,
Tel: +353 (0) 90 6632900
LoCall: 1890 252076
Fax: +353 (0) 90 6632999

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