Common Irish Vegetable Side Dishes

Steamed, Boiled, and Roast Vegetables
Boiled Potatoes
Boiled potatoes are usually boiled with the skin on and then removed once the potatoes are done. Served whole or cut into large pieces served with butter, salt, and pepper to taste.

Roast Potatoes
Roasts potatoes are peeled first, drizzled with oil, then put in a baking pan and roasted in oven until soft and a little brown on the edges.

Brussel Sprouts

Vegetables are usually served with dinner in every Irish household in the evenings. Vegetables are usually served on their own with butter, pepper, and salt. It is not uncommon for 2 vegetables to be mixed together, boiled, and served with butter, pepper and salt. Sauce or cheese is not typically added to any vegetables. Vegetables are seen as a side dish to potatoes and meat. A traditional Irish person would not prepare many vegetables in a stirfry with a sauce, for example.

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