Celebrating Valentine’s Day

It is rare that during the rush to buy cards and send flowers each year that we stop to think about how Valentine’s Day began. Much like the St. Valentine story, each country has its own variation of celebrating this unique, and some say commercialized, holiday. In Ireland there is an air of mystery when Valentine’s Day comes each year. All cards that are sent are never signed. The sender remains anonymous and the receiver tries to solve the mystery. Also, the people of Ireland do not send Valentine’s Day cards to their family. It is a secret holiday between secret admirers. Statistics show that next to Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the second largest card sending holiday, estimated at one billion cards sent annually.

Many people decide to get engaged on Valentine’s Day, a very romantic holiday to choose. If you or your future spouse is Irish, getting engaged on Valentine’s Day should mean more to you than non-Irishmen. Make sure to read the Ireland’s Credit to the Day link. When you propose to your sweetie with a Celtic designed ring and explain the St. Valentine’s Day link to Ireland, your proposal will be most meaningful. We would love to hear any proposal stories our readers have to share. We’re always interested in romantic Irish love stories.

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