Saoirse Ronan featured on cover of TIME magazine

She may be only 22, but Irish actress Saoirse Ronan is already more accomplished than most. With two Oscar nominations under her belt, including one for Best Actress in a leading role, and a growing assortment of theatrical accomplishments, she now has a new highlight to add to list. This week Saoirse Ronan was featured in the coveted spot of the cover of TIME magazine.

Ronan, along with 9 other young adults, were a part of TIME’s list of 10 Next Generation Leaders- a group of influential go-getters, from athletes to activists, and even a rock climber, who are making a positive difference in the world. According to author of the article, Eliana Dockterman, who spoke to the Irish Times, Ronan was chosen for her efforts to promote the feminist cause by creating strong female characters in her roles.

Photo by GabboT

Photo by GabboT

The actress was born in New York to Irish parents but was raised in Ireland. She first made her presence known in the film Atonement, for which she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. A Best Actress nomination followed for her leading role in Brooklyn, which told the story of an young Irish girl who built a new life after coming to the U.S. Apart from movies, Ronan has played important female roles on Broadway, including her current stint in “The Crucible”.

The Irish actress has a great sense of humor, which has certainly helped endear her to the public at large. On the talk show circuit while promoting her films, Saoirse has tried to spread Irish cheer and know how by teaching people how to pronounce Irish names and sharing her warm personality with the general public.

Earlier this year she stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and talked about her experience with American things, such as game nights, and helped explain just what exactly is an Irish pub lock-in. Take a look!

We think it would be great to be in a lock-in with both Saoirse Ronan and Jimmy Kimmel, do you agree? Tell us what you think in the comments!