Irish Viral Videos That Will Make You Smile

Photo by Tommy Wong
Photo by Tommy Wong

Who doesn’t love a good video that brings a smile to the face and joy to the heart? Whether it is a funny video about Irish/American relations, or a heart pounding Irish dance clip, we love to share the best Irish videos currently circulating the web. Here are a few of our most favorite viral videos that will make you smile.

A Very Irish Response to a Virtual Roller Coaster

Ever wonder what it would be like to ride a roller coaster with an elderly relative for the first time? In this hilarious video, Ettie Carroll from County Cork used her grand-nephew’s cardboard headset to ride a roller coaster through virtual reality. Take a look, and try imagining if it were your grandmother or relative at the table. *Warning- video contains some profanity.*

Her expressions are priceless, as she questions over and over whether or not something like that could even exist, and stating “That’s like something out of, I don’t know what, Star Wars” between her many prayers and funny outbursts. It is no wonder the video has already been viewed almost 55,000 times in the past week.

Irish boy describes what life is like with Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month, and in celebration, Snapchat comedian James Kavanagh interviewed his nephew Sean, who has Autism, about what life is like from the viewpoint of someone with that diagnosis. In just a week the video has gone viral, with almost 400,000 views.

In a mix of laughter and thoughtful comments, Sean eloquently explains how Autism has affected his life, from speech issues to difficulty with sensory processing and social situations. He wraps up with some excellent tips for individuals without Autism, including being understanding, using literal language rather than sarcasm, and avoids derogatory terms. Such great tips from a truly remarkable little boy.

With such a great week for Irish videos, we can’t wait to see what the next one will bring!

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