Getting in the Irish spirit for St. Patrick’s Day

Photo by Gerald Brazell
Photo by Gerald Brazell

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is for many a celebration of all things Irish. Here are a few videos to get you in the spirit ahead of the holiday in honor of the patron saint of Ireland.

With seven times more people of Irish descent than people actually living in Ireland, the US is a great place to rock some green attire on March 17th. In fact over 34 million people claimed Irish heritage on the 2010 US Census (though on St. Patrick’s Day it seems everyone pretends to be whether they are or not).

Check out practically any big city during the week of St. Patrick’s Day, and you are sure to find somewhere to raise a pint with others. New York and Boston are famous for their parades, while the Chicago River is dyed a vibrant green to kick of festivities. For a cool time lapse of the dying process, take a look at the video below:

In addition to major US places, cities around the world “Go Green” for St. Patrick’s Day. But as Liam Neeson reminds us in this promotional video by the tourism board for Ireland, nothing compares to the Emerald Isle.

The soothing tone of his voice guides us over the rolling hills, which seems to be dripping with lush green dye. The intriguing landmarks, both modern and of the ancient world, beckon to be explored. If Tourism Ireland is looking to get us to want to pack our bags (and they are), then it is working.

Unable to get to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day? An Irish pub is the next best thing wherever you may be, though you may encounter many a drunken fool showing off their best “Irish dance” moves. Seeing such a spectacle will make you appreciate the artistry of true step masters. In a video released just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, the dance group ProdiJIG, led by Alan Kenefik, together with Moxie show just how mesmerizing the lightening fast footwork of Irish dance can be when done correctly.

However, and wherever you choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we wish you a fun and safe holiday. How do you plan on celebrating this year? Let us know below!