Valentine’s Day with an Irish Perspective

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt
Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

Love is in the air this week, thanks to Valentine’s Day being just around the corner. Whether anxiously awaiting the chance to shower a loved one with gifts, or planning to spend the day watching comedies focused on love gone wrong, everyone has something to say about Valentine’s Day, and that includes the Irish. After all, Dublin is home to the Shrine of St. Valentine, where those seeking true love pay homage in hopes of finding their soul mate. Here are a few of the best Valentine’s related videos online, all from an Irish perspective.

Kids Speak

Kids are cute no matter what they say, but when the topic is love, they become all the more endearing. Take a look at some school kids from Dublin as they discuss Valentine’s Day and what love means to them.

How cute are the girls when saying boys are gross because they smell like old socks and rotten cheese? Adorable!


As the school aged population grows up, they eventually begin to date and exchange gifts with others for Valentine’s Day. This can be an enjoyable task or a daunting one, depending on the status of your relationship at the time. Leave it to the Irish to put some humor into the situation however. In the video below, the hilarious people at Facts. sat down a handful of Irish individuals and asked them to rate various popular Valentine’s Day gifts.

Maybe it is just the accent, but hearing what they have to say resonates in a fun way with what most of us have probably thought at one time or another.

For the perfect gift, stick with the high quality and meaningful gift of jewelry this Valentine’s Day. The beautiful designs of Celtic jewelry allow the giver to say more than just “I love you”, by choosing a Celtic symbol that represents what they feel in their heart.

Lifelong Love

When it comes down to it, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and the special relationship between two people. That’s why we love this last video. A group of Irish senior citizens talk about how they fell in love with their significant other. The stories are a beautiful reminder that love can last a lifetime, and that the best love can share a good laugh as well. One man even stated about his wife that he “wasn’t in the running for a long time, then she went away. She came back, probably realized she couldn’t do any better. ”

Perhaps the sweetest perspective of love is the simplest definition. “You care for one another. That is really love.” If only everyone was as lucky in love as these cute couples.