Make Your Mother’s Christmas Sparkle More for 10% Less

trinity4You and your siblings are the lights of your mom’s life, so what better Christmas gift to give her than our gorgeous Mother’s Family Pendant?  Featuring the birthstone of each of you and your choice of either a sparkling shamrock or trinity knot as the centerpiece, the Mother’s Family Pendant is available at a 10% discount from now until Tuesday, November 24th.



Didn’t mom always warn you not to wait until the last minute to do things?

She was right – and this dazzling necklace will be the exact right present for her this Christmas, so don’t miss out.

Whether you are an only child or have five siblings to go in on this stunning present with you, your mother can wear it with pride and joy.  But be prepared, the odds are high that she will cry when she opens it because it is a deeply emotional gift.

trinity1           shamrock2trinity3

The Mother’s Family Pendant says a lot more than ‘Merry Christmas’.  It says thanks for consoling me when my first goldfish died. Thanks for staying up so late from the time I was an infant teething to the time I was teenager out past my curfew.  Thanks for fixing my bangs when I cut them myself.  Thanks for being there and not saying ‘I told you so’ when my heart got broken.  And thanks for not throttling me when I ruined your washing machine/ favorite coat/ car/ dinner party.

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The Mother’s Family Pendant is a beautiful way to honor your mother this Christmas.  Colorful, glittering birthstones set in the heart of the Claddagh design with a sparkling shamrock or trinity knot make this a festive piece that mom will be happy to wear with anything and for any occasion.  If the last necklace you gave her featured painted macaroni noodles, the look on her face when she opens this will be as precious as any gem.  Grandmothers also love pendants with their grandchildren’s birthstones.


Ends Tues, Nov. 24th!shamrock5

trinity5 Both the shamrock and the trinity knot are iconic symbols of Ireland rich in beauty and meaning.  St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the holy trinity as three beings in one, and the trinity knot also represents that belief.  Neither symbol is exclusively religious, however, and both are enjoyed by people of various beliefs as beautiful Irish designs.


No one wants to stick to a budget when they shop for their mother’s Christmas present, and right now you can purchase a Mother’s Family Pendant at 10% off.  That means the starting price for one or two birthstones is only $118.80, down from the regular price of $132.  Pendants with five or six birthstones are normally $195, but are now on sale for $175.50.


shamrock4Your mom is priceless, but you don’t have to go bankrupt getting her a Christmas present that says you know that.  After all, she’s probably the first person who told you to look for a good bargain and not leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute.