Why Irish Celtic Jewels

Now, we come to March. It is Irish-American History Month in America, and since this is the time when the shamrocks come out and everyone seems to get in to the spirit of a perceived Ireland this is as good a time as any to have that talk and if we are to sing then to sing the praises of the people and land after one more attempt at making it through the chorus of the Wild Rover.

With that in mind, why Irish Celtic Jewels? Why the name? Why the crafts? Why the custom or culture?MP-S-1

Any band can be resized for the finger and any stone cut for cost or taste. There are necklaces that glitter and shine. Some simply make you feel complete while others scream to be seen. Charms sit calmly, each tied to a time or memory while some bracelets clang like old engines, the accumulation of a life lived out loud. Earrings recall an odd special occasion, as well as ones that hold fast in the heart. Jewels can do what you need it to.

But the truth of most jewels is that it stands as an empty vessel. It’s fine that most can’t afford the adorned engagement rings but a bare ring is just a promise of a promise, cold metal, worked , shaped, bent by custom and expectation. The diamond holds nothing, a small attention for a brief glimpse as it continues returning stolen light.

Any fool can stumble up to the glass case the night before a special occasion and find the trinket that suits their someone’s bureau.


Irish Celtic Jewels has meaning. Claddaghs, St. Bridget’s cross, the tree of life, their design on a piece still say “I’m thinking of you”, “You’re still worth it” or “I love you” but they do it with a bit of a brogue.  These are all symbols with long history that arrive, like the Irish people, with a story to tell.  Jewels is a form of expression and jewels with and Irish Celtic flair speaks volumes.

Now, engagement rings aside, jewels comes with no obligation. One doesn’t need to know the miracles of St. Bridget to enjoy her cross, or have traced themselves from County Cork to appreciate a claddagh. There is sheer surface beauty at work here too and fine craft to appreciate regardless of where you were hail from. The trinity knot or celtic cross have an eye-catching elegance that stand out against others. Hearts and hands surrounded by endless running knots showcasing your affection.

There are more than a few crosses to be found here but all are welcome to them. It’s a far cry from kneeling to a necklace. These treasures come from a culture with a history of persecuted pagan beliefs that inform customs in modern Christmas, Halloween and Easter celebrations. Is it more odd to wear a clover with no direct Irish ancestry or to be a people tied to clover? As long as you wear it well and find it flattering, then it won’t matter what other eyes tell you. 


Irish Celtic Jewels is a place to find uniquely designed, beautifully made gifts to honor yourself or someone you care to set apart from all others. Come in, enjoy.