How Irish are You?

Celtic Shamrock CharmIf you’ve got some Irish blood, but you aren’t quite sure just how deep your Emerald Isle roots really go, this article will help you to get the answers that you are looking for.

By showing you how to trace your Irish ancestry, we’ll make it possible for you to connect with your Gaelic heritage in a deeper, more meaningful way.

In addition to offering up some practical methods, which will allow you to discover more about your own family’s history in Ireland, we’ll also add in a fun quiz which is designed to test your knowledge of all things Irish…

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the smartest and most efficient ways to trace Irish roots…

How to Trace Your Irish Roots

Irish flagThere are some wonderful online resources for those who wish to trace their Irish genealogy.

For example, the Irish government recommends a special website,, which features a handy lookup service.

When you utilize this popular website, you’ll be able to enter family names, locations and dates, in order to search through a plethora of official government records.

This process is very quick, simple and straightforward and it’s probably the best way to get the ball rolling!

You may utilize information derived  from search results in order to piece together your Irish family background, so it is an efficient way to find out just how Irish you are.

In addition, it’s a perfect way to ensure that your own family tree will be correct and complete.

However, this website certainly isn’t the only resource available.

Some people pay to have their Irish ancestry researched, while others do it themselves the old-fashioned way, by finding information via libraries and family records.

Consider Taking a DNA Test

One fun new strategy is paying for a DNA test, which may uncover proof of your Irish roots.

This type of process is becoming a popular choice with genealogy buffs all over the world.

Typically, these tests require participants to do cheek swabs after they receive DNA testing kits.

Once results are returned, they are able to discover all facets of their genetic heritage.

If you do have Irish blood, it will show up in your DNA test, and you’ll also be able to determine your percentage of Irish blood via the test results that you are sent.

Before choosing a provider for a DNA test, be sure to check out customer reviews. Also, consider vetting a company via the Better Business Bureau website.

Your goal should be to find a reputable service which delivers authentic DNA test results to their clients.

Take Our Fun Quiz Today

Now that you know two effective ways to learn more about your Emerald Isle ancestry, why not take our fun (and light-hearted) “How Irish are You?” quiz today?

How Irish Are You?

1.) Which Colour is Your favourite?

a.) Red

b.) Green

c.) Pink

d.) Blue

Which Beer is the Tastiest?

a.) Budweiser

b.) Coors

c.) Guinness

d.) Amstel

Which Symbol Do You Like Best?

a.) Shamrock

b) Fleur-de-lis

c.) Eagle

d.) Maple Leaf

Who is Ireland’s Female Patron Saint?

a.) Charlotte

b) Susanna

c) Elizabeth

d) Brigid

When Did Ireland Officially Become a Republic?

a.)  1949

b.) 1922

c.) 1950

d.) 1974

Which of these rock stars is not Irish?

a.) Van Morrison

b.) Morrissey

c.) Bono

d.) Sinead O’Connor

Of course, the “right” answers to these questions are:

– Green
– Guinness
– Shamrock
– Brigid
– 1949
– Morrissey

I’m confident that you answered each of these correctly, so I’m declaring you 100% Irish : )