Why Not Offer Her a Uniquely Irish Engagement Ring?

14k White Gold Diamond Claddagh RingIf you’ve found the woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with, you may be ready to propose.

When you do, it will be important to offer her an engagement ring which is truly beautiful and of the highest quality…

When you choose our 14k White Gold Diamond Claddagh Ring, you’ll be selecting a handmade design which is bestowed with a touch of true Irish romance.

This stunning diamond ring features some inspiring design elements, all of which celebrate themes of love and loyalty.

Since this sparkling design’s symbolism is so appropriate to making a lifetime commitment, it is definitely an ideal choice for your lady (especially if she has Irish or Celtic ancestry). To help you learn about this exceptional diamond engagement ring, we’ve created a practical quick guide.

About This Signature Design

This is the sort of ring that a woman will cherish forever and wear with the utmost pride, and it will coordinate beautifully with any of our exquisite ladies Celtic wedding rings

Each ring features a 14k white gold setting, along with .25 carats of shimmering, princess-cut diamonds.

Created by hand right in the Emerald Isle, this piece also features the traditional symbols of the Claddagh.

Every ring showcases the famous crowned-heart-and-hands Claddagh motif, which, for centuries, has illustrated love and loyalty…

The tiny hands hold the heart, as though in offering. The heart itself is crowned, in reference to the medieval practice of swearing fealty to the crown.

When you give her this design, you’ll be swearing love and loyalty to her, forever… and what could be more romantic than that?

Dazzling on its own or with a wedding band, this elegant design’s sleek, monochrome palette offers a touch of fashionable modernism which makes it so easy to wear.

A lot of women do prefer the sheen and sophistication of white gold, versus yellow gold.

Therefore, this engagement ring is definitely a “dream ring” for many ladies, and it may be just right for the woman that you love.

About our Celtic Jewelry Company

At Irish Celtic Jewels, we go the extra mile in order to help our clientele access authentic Celtic jewelry designs which are meaningful objects of beauty.

We are particularly proud of our engagement rings, as they take up to three weeks to make and they are perfect expressions of true Celtic craftsmanship.

In addition to providing superlative rings and other jewelry designs, we also offer caring service to every single customer.

Our goal is to offer you the very best and to ensure that you enjoy buying from us.

If you do choose us for this important purchase, we’ll be there to offer guidance and assistance, whenever you need it.

To connect with our team today, please email us at: leighm@irishcelticjewels.com. We look forward to hearing from you!