Treat Yourself to our Trinity Knot Cross Pendant

Silver Diamond & Emerald Trinity Knot Cross PendantIf you’re a Christian and your family background is Celtic, you’ll find that treating yourself to our exquisite Silver Diamond & Emerald Trinity Knot Cross Pendant will be a wonderful way to connect with your faith and with your Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestry.

This elegant and handmade pendant features ancient Celtic symbolism and it’s made entirely by hand, right in the Emerald Isle.

Crafted of sterling silver (with rhodium plating for a gorgeous, mirror-like shine) and embellished with gold plating, genuine emeralds and authentic white diamonds, this stunning design is a stellar example of traditional Celtic craftsmanship.

Each pendant comes with a matching chain and every design is hallmarked at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle.

Explore Ancient Celtic and Christian Symbolism

Now, let’s learn more about the symbolism of this exceptional cross pendant…

Trinity Knots are inset in each branch of this traditional cross design. These motifs are plated in yellow gold in order to provide superlative contrast.

Each Trinity Knot symbolizes Father, Son and Holy Spirit – in other words, the Holy Trinity.

For centuries, Irish monks have utilized these striking and simple symbols in order to illustrate their faith. For example, they appear on gravestones, within the gilded pages of illuminated manuscripts and on Celtic chalices and tapestries.

By choosing our cross pendant today, you’ll be able to wear a design which features some of the most recognizable symbols of the Celts.

Of course, the cross itself is a timeless and powerful symbol of Christian faith.

So, this design does feature dual symbols, both of which celebrate the glory of God…

We Offer a Host of Celtic Cross Designs

While this lovely pendant and matching chain are clearly a wonderful choice, we do offer a host of other options.

Our collection of Celtic Cross Pendants come an array of styles, at a range of price points.

If you prefer affordable style, go for a design crafted from sterling silver. When you do, you’ll still access handmade quality.

If you’d rather go for a style with more embellishments, such as gold plating and jewels, you’ll find that we offer an assortment of stunning designs, such as traditional ringed Celtic Cross pendants and unique and innovative Claddagh Cross pendants, which are adorned with the romantic symbols of the Claddagh.

It’s all about offering you the choices that you want and need.

If you have questions about our Silver Diamond & Emerald Trinity Knot Cross Pendant or any of our other Celtic jewelry designs, please reach out to us today, at: We look forward to hearing from you!