Best Celtic Jewelry Picks for Summer 2014

Sterling Silver Trinity Knot and Pearl Drop EarringsIf you’re looking for a way to boost your summer style with new additions to your jewelry wardrobe, you’ll love this blog post.

To help you look your best as you enjoy a little fun in the sun, we’ll showcase a few gorgeous and affordable Celtic jewelry designs which will look perfect with all of your sun-dresses, shorts and swimsuits.

By choosing one of these lovely pieces today, you’ll also celebrate your Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage.

Crafted by hand, right in the Emerald Isle, each design features the ancient and meaningful symbols of the Celts.

Of course, authentic Celtic jewelry looks gorgeous year-round, so you definitely won’t need to pack away these pieces when autumn rolls around…

 Sterling Silver Trinity Knot and Pearl Drop Earrings

Sterling Silver Trinity Knot and Pearl Drop EarringsPearls come from the sea, so why not wear them when you’re at the beach this summer?

When you choose our Sterling Silver Trinity Knot and Pearl Drop Earrings, which feature graduated, genuine and lustrous pearls, along with round silver beads which are engraved with Celtic Trinity Knots, you’ll highlight the beauty of your skin, eyes and hair.

Perfect with any outfit, these earrings are wonderfully feminine choices and they retail for only $95.00.

Make the most of your beach outfits and summer togs by adding this gorgeous pair of earrings into the mix.

When you do, you’ll be celebrating thousands of years of Celtic spirituality and history.

Each Trinity Knot is a symbol of the Holy Trinity.

Tara’s Diary Glass Green Flower Charm

Tara's Diary Glass Green Flower Charm

Summer is the right time for bright colours!

This pretty charm may be worn on a Pandora charm bracelet, on one of our Tara’s Diary Charm Celtic Bracelet designs or on a leather thong necklace or silver chain.

Delightfully versatile, this elegant, art-glass bead may be worn alone or with our other Tara’s Diary charms.

These charms come in different shapes and sizes, with a range of embellishments, so it will be possible to customize your look so that it reflects your personal style to absolute perfection.

This glass bead features plenty of depth and dimension, as it is made with high-quality materials which offer the most intense and saturated tones.

Fresh and appealing in aquatic green, with a touch of charming, white flower detailing, this affordable design also features sterling silver accents which are adorned with Tara’s Diary engraving.

Order your own handmade charm today for just $33.00.

Silver & Gold Plating Knot & Spiral Earrings

Silver & Gold Plating Knot & Spiral Earrings

A touch of yellow gold shows off a summer tan like nothing else does…so, why not treat yourself to our Silver & Gold Plating Knot & Spiral Earrings?

Since these elegant earrings feature sterling silver and yellow gold accents, they offer two-tone beauty that is designed to provide wonderful contrast.

In addition, selecting two-tone jewelry is very practical, as it will match all white gold, yellow gold and sterling silver pieces in your existing jewelry wardrobe.

These earrings cost only $66.00 and they are sure to become everyday favourites, even when your summer tan fades away…

Each earring is adorned with Celtic spiral detailing which features interconnected and never-ending lines. These lines, which continually flow into another, symbolize eternity.

Order Your Preferred Pieces Today

Now that you know some exciting Celtic jewelry options, you’ll be ready to choose the ones that you like best.

When you order from our reputable company, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in caring customer service and you’ll receive authentic Celtic jewelry which is meant to be cherished for a lifetime.

So, why not make the most of your summer look with the right earrings or art-glass charm?