Our Ladies Wedding Band is Bold and Beautiful

Ladies Diamond Set Celtic and Claddagh Wedding Band

If you want more style and substance than a plain gold wedding band can offer, you should know that our stunning Ladies Diamond Set Celtic and Claddagh Wedding Band will really deliver.

This bold and beautiful ring is inspired by classic Irish Claddagh rings and it features a tender and inspiring, crowned-heart-and-hands motif which illustrates love, loyalty and affection.

Designed to be worn alone or alongside one of our lovely Celtic engagement rings, this signature 14k gold design is hand-crafted right in the Emerald Isle, by artisans who are proud to carry on the centuries-old tradition of masterful Celtic  metal work.

This wedding band is wider than average, so it offers tons of dazzling visual impact. When you order this design today, you’ll receive a gorgeous piece of Celtic jewelry which will never get lost on your hand…

You’ll Marvel at this Ring’s Exquisite Craftsmanship

shanore boxMeant for ladies who do enjoy a stronger and more distinct bridal jewelry look, these romantic designs embody the highest level of artistry.

The circumference of the band features a double border of genuine, shimmering white diamonds, which enhance the beauty of its tender Claddagh symbols.

Glamorous and so comfortable to wear, this design comes in your choice of a 14k white gold or 14k yellow gold finish.

Crafted with painstaking attention to detail, each ring takes about three weeks to make and every ring will be shipped out in a pretty presentation box, as shown above.

Perfect for those who wish to honour their Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestry, these gorgeous rings are meant to be cherished forever

As you can see, if you want authentic Celtic jewelry, you simply can’t do better than this superlative ring.

It’s bold design makes it stand out from all of the rest and its symbolism is just so appropriate for this important milestone in your life.

So, why choose any other wedding band?

Find a Coordinating Wedding Band for Your Groom-to-be

Gents Celtic Claddagh Wedding BandHe deserves the very best, so why not give your true love a coordinating Celtic wedding band which also features meaningful Claddagh symbolism?

We offer a host of handmade designs, from affordable sterling silver pieces to luxurious gold rings.

For example, the masculine and appealing Gents Celtic and Claddagh Wedding Band (which is displayed at left) is sure to be worn with pride…

By adding these Celtic elements to your wedding ceremony, you’ll connect with your own ancestry as you begin your new life together.

In fact, these elegant rings, with their Medieval style elements, may just inspire you to add even more Celtic beauty to your wedding day.

Other ideas to consider include adding Celtic symbols to wedding invitations, playing traditional Celtic music as you walk down the aisle and serving a Celtic menu to your wedding guests at your reception.

Now that you know more about the beauty of our Claddagh wedding band, as well as how to find the right wedding ring for your beloved, you’ll be ready to order the rings of your dreams…