June Giveaway: Win a Silver Claddagh Part Stone Set Ring

Silver Claddagh Part Stone Set Ring

The June giveaway is now over. The winner this month is Christine Tara. Congratulations Tara! Thanks to all those that took part this month. Look out for the next giveaway, coming soon!

Every month, we run a special contest, whereby we give away a beautiful piece of authentic Celtic jewelry to one very special person.

This month, we’d like to celebrate the beauty of summer by offering a Silver Claddagh Part Stone Ring.

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Our June giveaway prize is crafted from shining sterling silver and it features a smattering of pretty CZ gemstones in icy-white and emerald-green…

This gorgeous ring is a symbol of love, loyalty and affection and it’s designed to add a touch of true Irish romance to all of your summer outfits.

In fact, this exceptional, handmade design, which is created right in the Emerald Isle, will look perfect all year-round.

To help you learn more about this lovely piece of Celtic jewelry, as well as how simple it is to enter our contest, we’ve compiled an informative blog post.

Once you’ve discovered the beauty of this ring design, as well as all of the ways that you may utilize your existing social networking profiles in order to win multiple chances at our elegant and feminine prize, you’ll probably want to enter our contest today.

If you are the lucky winner, we’ll contact you privately, via social networking, in order to arrange delivery of your new ring.

Now, let’s talk about Claddagh symbolism and how it is such an integral part of Irish culture…

Enjoy Centuries of Emerald Isle Symbolism

For thousands of years, the Irish have worn Claddagh rings in order to show their love and loyalty. These uniquely Irish designs feature crowned-heart-and-hands motifs, which are highly distinctive and meaningful.

In medieval times, when the first Claddagh ring was invented (by a Galway-born fisherman), the crown was a powerful symbol of loyalty.

In fact, every citizen swore fealty to the crown.

By placing a crown atop the heart, this Irish fisherman-turned-goldsmith, Richard Joyce, illustrated loyalty in matters of the heart.

To add even more tenderness to the first Claddagh ring, he decided that the heart should be gently clasped by a pair of tiny hands, which seem to offer the heart to another…

Now that you understand the  primary symbolism of a traditional Irish Claddagh ring, you should also know that how you wear your Claddagh ring tells a tale…

If you’re single, be sure to wear the ring with the crown facing outwards, away from you. If you’re “taken”, wear the ring with its crown facing inwards…

How to Enter the Contest

Chances are good that you already have an account at Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. In fact, you may just have accounts at all three social media platforms. By utilizing one or all of these profiles, you’ll be able to earn a chance (or many chances) at our glittering “prize of the month”!

Simply select the entry method that is most pleasing to you from the bullet-point list posted below. As you’ll soon notice, it won’t take more than a few minutes to rack up plenty of chances to win.

Good luck from the team at Irish Celtic Jewels!

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31 thoughts on “June Giveaway: Win a Silver Claddagh Part Stone Set Ring

  1. I want to win because Im from Irish Ancestry and I do not have a claddagh ring!

  2. Would love to win this – have had my eye on it for sometime – it is so beautiful…

  3. So very beautiful.This reminds me of a ring that my grandfather gave me for my 13th birthday, emeralds being my birthstone. Unfortunately I lost it at the public swimming pool due to a 13 year olds lack of forethought, I left it on my towel and it was gone in a flash. It took nearly a year for me to tell my grandfather but I did and after a short lecture he forgave me and for my 14th birthday he gave me a different emerald ring that I have protected and proudly worn for for 40 years.

  4. Would love to have a ring like this. Emeralds are my birth stone. I’ve always wanted a claddagh ring


  6. It would so look great on my finger …It would show my 17 Grand kids there Irish proud Grandma…Please pick me Im Irish and proud of it ….Thank you for letting me enter this contest…

  7. Its a gorgeous Celtic Irish ring & I would be so proud having it on my finger!!!!

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