You’ll Love our Gemstone Engagement Rings

14k Emerald and Diamond Celtic Engagement RingIf a typical diamond solitaire engagement ring just isn’t your style, you need to know that other dazzling options are definitely available!

In other words, if you prefer a little vibrant colour, you’ll absolutely adore our selection of emerald, ruby and sapphire engagement rings.

Pick your favourite precious gemstone in order to enjoy a gorgeous Celtic engagement ring which really suits your personal style.

To show off these elegant, romantic and inspiring designs, which also feature traditional knot work settings, we’ve created a fun and factual quick guide…

Every ring that we offer is handmade in the Emerald Isle, with painstaking attention to detail.

Our authentic Celtic jewelry is designed to help women connect with their own Irish, Scottish or Welsh backgrounds, as all pieces that our talented artisans create feature the ancient (and enduring) symbols of the Celts.

Is a Ruby Engagement Ring Right for You?

14k Ruby and Diamond Celtic Engagement RingRubies are symbols of romance and passion. These fiery and precious gemstones offer so much mesmerizing beauty and this is why they have been worn by kings and queens for centuries.

You deserve an engagement ring which makes you feel like royalty!

When you choose our refined and romantic, 14k Ruby and Diamond Celtic Engagement Ring, you’ll be able to wear a gorgeous design which adds a shot of stunning colour to your life.

The central ruby is one hundred percent genuine, and it is flanked by two shimmering and authentic white diamonds.

In addition, this gorgeous piece features a delicate Celtic knot work setting, which symbolizes eternity.

Choose two-toned white and yellow gold for a high-contrast effect or go for a monochrome, white-gold palette which has a modern and sophisticated feel.

Whatever you select, you’ll find that this exceptional ruby-and-diamond engagement ring is a joy to wear and to show off.

Enjoy Exquisite Emerald Beauty

14k Emerald and Diamond Celtic Engagement Ring

If you’ve got some Irish blood running through your veins (as so many of our clients do!), you may really respond to our stunning 14k Emerald and Diamond Celtic Engagement Ring.

After all, this ring’s lovely and genuine gemstone evokes the beauty of the Emerald Isle, with all of its lush greenery.

If you believe in the power of gemstones, you’ll be pleased to know that emeralds are symbols of love and that they are commonly perceived as lucky gemstones which are very healing.

Created by master craftspeople who are committed to offering the highest degree of quality and style, our emerald rings (and the rest of our handmade engagement rings) take about three weeks to make.

Surprisingly affordable in light of their fine materials and superb craftsmanship, these meaningful engagement rings are a perfect match for our collection of beautiful  ladies Celtic wedding rings.

So, do consider choosing a coordinating wedding band in order to create a Celtic bridal jewelry look that is yours alone.

Embrace the Depth and Richness of Sapphires

14k Sapphire and Diamond Celtic Engagement Ring

Sapphires call to mind the beauty of the deep blue sea.

In addition, these subtle and sophisticated precious gemstones are symbols of loyalty which are believed to have magical properties, including the ability to enhance health and wellness.

If the hypnotic beauty of this blue gem appeals to you, you may want to choose our superlative 14k Sapphire and Diamond Celtic Engagement Ring.

The ring’s genuine diamonds accent the gorgeous colour of its oval sapphire, by reflecting lots of light on the central gemstone.

For many people, blue is the most beautiful and serene colour of all.

If you feel this way, too, our elegant ring may just be the one that you’ve been waiting for.

Order the Ring of Your Dreams Today

Now that you’ve explored our collection of gemstone engagement rings, you may know for sure that a plain diamond engagement ring isn’t what you really want.

For those who prefer more originality and colour, our designs do offer a multitude of benefits.

In addition, you’ll find that our customer service is as exceptional as the handmade rings that we offer to you…so, you’ll always enjoy the best service (as well as stellar data security) when you order your preferred ring at our website.

If your partner is shopping around for an engagement ring for you, you may want to show him these gorgeous designs, as doing so will help him to understand what you love best.

By sharing this blog post with him, you’ll assist him in making your bridal jewelry dreams come true….