Treat Her to an Exquisite Celtic Engagement Ring

14 Karat Diamond & Emerald Set Celtic RingIf you’re ready to get down on bended knee and “pop the question”, you’ll find that presenting her with our 14 Karat Diamond & Emerald Set Celtic Ring will be a sure-fire way to thrill her on this very special – and romantic – occasion.

In particular, if you or your intended have Celtic ancestry, you’ll find that this exceptional, hand-crafted design, which is created with painstaking attention to detail, provides a resonant link with the past…

Since this emerald-and-diamond stunner is adorned with a unique knot work setting which references thousands of years of Irish, Scottish and Welsh history, it’s a highly-symbolic piece.

This Ring Symbolizes Eternity

Celtic brideAlso known as Celtic interlace, this type of knot work symbolizes eternity. Obviously, this symbolism will be singularly appropriate as the two of you prepare to make a lifetime commitment to one another.

In addition, the knot work setting of this glamorous design is the perfect complement to its three precious gemstones (two shimmering, deep-green emeralds and an icy-white diamond!).

Choose a white-gold finish or go for bold contrast by selecting our two-toned, yellow-and-white gold design.

By offering you the choices that you really need, we’ll make it possible for you to customize her ring in order to suit her tastes perfectly.

Celebrate the Power of Three

14 Karat Diamond & Emerald Set Celtic Ring (two-tone)

In Celtic mythology, three is a powerful number, which symbolizes the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).  Some historians also believe that three illustrates the Underworld, the earthly realm and the celestial realm (the heavens).

As you can see, the Celts have strong spiritual traditions which continue to intrigue and inspire new generations.

The Trinity Knot detailing on this ring – in other words, its knot work setting – also references the power and meaning of three. Each of its knot work designs is composed of three interlocking and equal segments. Each symbol references the Holy Trinity.

If she embraces Christianity or is fascinated by the older Celtic rituals of the Pagans, she’ll find this elegant, feminine and striking design to be a source of endless pleasure.

Of course, this design may also be appreciated for its exquisite beauty alone…

How to Order This Superlative Design

If you’ve made the decision to give her this lovely ring, you may rest assured that you’re making a wise choice. Our Celtic engagement ring is something that she’ll wear with pride for a lifetime.

Ordering this superlative design will be so easy. Simply establish her ring size (click HERE for information on how to correctly size her ring), choose your preferred finish and then process your order in our checkout.

Once you’ve done so, the ring will sent out to your mailing address. It will be shipped out in a pretty presentation box, along with all documentation (such as information about the karat weight of its diamond).

As you can see, it’s really easy to order online, so you may shop with confidence.

At Irish Celtic Jewels, we’ve been serving the needs of clients for years, and we are proud of the customer service experience that we provide to our valued clientele.

When you place your trust in us, you’ll receive an authentic Celtic jewelry design, which is made by hand in Ireland and stamped at the Assay Office of historic Dublin Castle.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your proposal irresistible by offering her this diamond-and-emerald engagement ring today.