Save Money with our Exciting Mother’s Day Special Offer

Mothers Claddagh and Shamrock Birthstone PendantWhy not make your Mom smile this Mother’s Day by giving her a gorgeous Mother’s pendant which is adorned with glittering birthstones, as well as Celtic symbols which illustrate themes of love, loyalty and faith?

When you take advantage of our (limited-time) Mother’s Day special offer, you’ll access a valuable 10% discount, which will make the cost of ordering this reasonably-priced pendant even more affordable.

Mothers Claddagh and Trinity Knot Birthstone Pendant
Mothers Claddagh and Shamrock Birthstone Pendant

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There are two styles to choose from and you may select from one to six birthstones in order to customize her new Celtic jewelry design.

By representing all of her children with birthstones, you’ll personalize this lovely piece of jewelry so that it is hers alone.

Give Her a Gift She’ll Never Forget

Her new pendant is bound to take on a great deal of sentimental value. Plus, it will be a fun conversation piece that she’ll just love to show off…

Crafted by hand from sterling silver, every pendant is created right in the Emerald Isle.

Now, let’s talk about how easy it is to save 10% on the cost of your preferred pendant.

Once you’ve discovered the convenience of our special offer system, you may be tempted to order a pendant for your mother and your grandmother!

By doing so, you’ll make this Mother’s Day a truly joyous special occasion!

First of all, you need to be aware of our special offer deadline. After all, this is a limited-time offer, which ends on Sunday, April 13th, 2014.

So, do order the pendant of your choice – or more than one pendant – before this date.

Next, simply add the coupon code, “mother” while you’re in the checkout area- when you do so, your 10% discount will be calculated automatically…

This is all there is to it! So why not get started right now?

To help you make the perfect decision, let’s take a quick look at the two styles of mother’s pendants that we’re offering for this very special sale price…

Choose the Perfect Style for Her…

When you’re checking out these styles, be aware that you may choose from one to six birthstones. However many you choose, you may rest assured that your new pendant will look absolutely gorgeous.

Mothers Claddagh and Trinity Knot Birthstone Pendant

Mothers Claddagh and Trinity Knot Birthstone Pendant

This lovely design features a central Trinity Knot motif, which symbolizes Father, Son and Holy Spirit (the Holy Trinity).

In addition, it showcases an array of Claddagh “crowned heart” motifs, which are inset with  birthstones. Claddagh symbols represent love and loyalty.

When you give her this piece, you’ll honour her spirituality, her Celtic ancestry and her love for her children.

Simply choose the correct number of birthstones, based on the months of birth of her children. Then, prepare to dazzle her on Mother’s Day!

Mothers Claddagh and Shamrock Birthstone Pendant

Mothers Claddagh and Shamrock Birthstone Pendant

Another wonderful option is our Mother’s Claddagh and Shamrock Birthstone Pendant, which features a central Shamrock motif.

Saint Patrick utilized the tender Shamrock plant in order to demonstrate the presence of God in the natural world.

He believed that each of the plant’s three leaves illustrated one aspect of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

This touching symbol of Christian faith is accompanied by birthstones with Claddagh settings (which represent love and loyalty).

Now that you know more about our special deal, why not order immediately. When you see the look on your mother’s face this May 11th, you’ll know that you chose exactly the right gift!