Learn about the Wonders of Belfast City

Belfast CityWhether you’re planning an Irish adventure or simply love reading about the beauty and heritage of the Emerald Isle, you’ll benefit from discovering the unique wonders of Belfast City.

This Northern Ireland city is known for its fascinating museums, its superlative architecture, its bustling outdoor market and its thriving arts scene.

While the city’s signature Ferris Wheel, the Belfast Wheel (as shown at left), is no longer in operation – it was retired in 2009 –  there is still plenty to do in this city, which holds the title of capital of Northern Ireland.

Now, let’s talk briefly about the city’s history and then take a look at its key attractions…

Belfast City – A Brief History

The history of Belfast dates way back, to the Bronze Age.

The city began to develop into a significant urban hub during the 1800’s.

Until the end of the 20th century, the city was renowned as a centre for shipbuilding and other traditional types of industry.

As the 20th century drew to a close, Belfast City’s key traditional industries began to ebb away.

Of course, “the Troubles” also cast a long shadow over this well-known Northern Ireland locale.

The truth is that plenty of violence has occurred in Belfast over the years. This violence spurred the creation of “segregated” sections of the city – some for Protestants and some for Catholics.

These days, the city has a more peaceful vibe and, as a result, it’s enjoying a resurgence of interest from tourists.

Currently, different parts of the city are undergoing redevelopment, in order to freshen up Belfast’s image, so that it reflects a brighter reality and a brighter future…

Things to See and Do in Belfast

Since Belfast is so much calmer nowadays, it’s become a welcome destination for tourists from all over the World.

In other words, if you’ve shied away from visiting Belfast in the past, it may be time to experience the city, up close and personal.

Here are some exciting things to check out while you’re in Belfast City…

Belfast Castle

If you’d love to experience the beauty of a traditional Irish castle, you’ll adore visiting Belfast Castle. Situated on one side of scenic Cave Hill, this gorgeous structure rises four hundred feet above sea level and offers splendid views of the city.

After exploring the castle and grounds, be sure to take high tea on-site or go for a meal at the castle’s own Cellar restaurant.

If you like, you may even marry at Belfast Castle, which offers incredible opportunities for stunning wedding pics, as well as the spirit of true Irish romance.

St. George’s Market

Victorian covered markets, such as Belfast’s acclaimed St. George’s Market, are rarities these days. By visiting this exceptional market while you’re in the city, you’ll evoke the beauty of a bygone age.

Crafted of sturdy brick, with a sandstone facade, this elegant market features a host of exciting shopping opportunities, from fine foods to crafts to lovely jewelry and beyond.

Special events, such as Sunday markets and music festivals, are par for the course at this exciting heritage structure.

 The Grand Opera House

Located on Belfast City’s Great Victoria Street, this striking edifice showcases some of the world’s most impressive talent.

Open to the public since 1895, this gracious venue was designed by renowned architect, Frank Matcham.

When you attend a performance at the opera house, you’ll have more than opera to choose from.

This venue hosts an array of live performances, from comedic dinner theatre to classic opera to Shakespeare…

As you can see, Belfast City is a wonderful place to visit, and it’s now safer than ever before.

So, why not plan a Belfast getaway during your next trip to the Emerald Isle?