Celebrate your Roots with our Tara’s Diary Irish Aran Sweater Charm

Tara's Diary Irish Aran Sweater CharmIf your family background is Irish, you’ll adore wearing our unique and inspiring Tara’s Diary Irish Aran Sweater Charm.

This “charming” design captures the spirit of one of Ireland’s most beloved garments – the traditional Aran sweater, which is still worn in the country’s scenic and rugged Aran Islands.

Originally crafted for the region’s fishermen, the weave of each Aran sweater always told a story.

For example, it was possible to identify a fishermen’s family by the particular weave that he wore.

In fact, sailors who were unfortunate enough to lose their lives at sea were often identified by the patterns on their thick, wool sweaters…

Aran Sweaters are Symbols of Irish Culture

Galway, IrelandToday, the artisans of the Aran Islands (this trio of islands is situated near Galway) continue to craft fine Aran sweaters by hand.

To honour their respect for the past, as well as the signature designs that they create within “the islands of saints and scholars”, our own Irish artisans craft lovely Aran sweater charms, which feature delicate engraving.

This engraving mimics the special patterns found on real Aran knitwear…

Our charm is accented with a gold-plated Trinity Knot motif, which symbolizes Father, Son and Holy Spirit (the Holy Trinity).

Available for the affordable price of just $64.00, this sterling silver stunner will be perfect as a special treat to yourself.

However, it also makes an amazing gift idea for any special lady.

Our ornate and beautiful charm will fit onto our Tara’s Diary Charm Celtic Bracelet. It’s also designed to fit on a Pandora charm bracelet.

Create an Exquisite Celtic Charm Bracelet

Tara's Diary Charm Bracelet

Once you’ve has the chance to marvel at the craftsmanship of your new Aran Sweater Charm, you may just be tempted to collect more charms from our Tara’s Diary Collection.

All of our Tara’s Diary Charms¬†are crafted by hand in the Emerald Isle. These elegant and meaningful designs come in a range of shapes and styles, and they feature the most ancient symbols of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Adorned with Trinity Knots, Celtic spirals or Claddagh “crowned-heart-and-hands” motifs, these uniquely Celtic charms also feature the very best in gorgeous embellishments, such as art glass, shining enamel, gold plating, pearls and birthstones.

Once you’ve started your own collection, you’ll begin to assemble the Celtic charm bracelet of your dreams (a completed bracelet is shown above).