April Giveaway: Win a Silver Medium Claddagh ‘Love Loyalty Friendship’ Ring

Silver Medium Claddagh 'Love Loyalty Friendship' Ring

The winner of the April giveaway is Susan Campbell. Congratulations Susan, and thanks to all those that took part. Watch out for the May giveaway coming very soon.

Every month, we run a special contest which allows one lucky winner to enjoy a brand-new piece of authentic Celtic jewelry, one hundred percent free of charge.

This month, we’re proud to showcase our latest prize, which is our exquisite and meaningful Medium Claddagh “Love Loyalty Friendship” ring.

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Hand-crafted with painstaking attention to detail, right in the Emerald Isle, this exceptional ring is crafted from gleaming sterling silver and features the engraved words, “love loyalty friendship” along the inside of the band.

Like all traditional Claddagh designs, this ring’s centrepiece is a tender and romantic “crowned heart and hands” motif, which symbolizes undying love, endless loyalty and everlasting friendship…

Discover the Claddagh Story

Irish FlagThe very first Claddagh ring is the stuff of Irish legend…

Created by a Galway-born fisherman, Richard Joyce, this poignant design was invented in order to honour his true love, Margaret…

While Joyce was working as a merchant sailor in Moorish lands, far from his Irish homeland, he was captured and sold into slavery.

Forced to toil as a goldsmith, he dreamed of the woman that he left behind and (touchingly), he never, ever lost faith in her.

To show his love, he made a golden ring which was adorned with a crowned-heart-and-hands motif.

Many years passed…however, in time,  he was freed from slavery, due to the intervention of the British king.

After being released from slavery, he sailed back to Galway with a very romantic ring in his pocket.

Upon his arrival in Ireland, he was thrilled to discover that his true love had waited for him, hoping against hope that he would someday return…

He placed the very first Claddagh ring upon her finger and the couple stayed together until the end of their days.

Today, visitors to Galway, Ireland enjoy viewing the “Royal Claddagh Ring”  (as Joyce’s creation is now known).

Thanks to the skill and talent of our Irish artisans, you may also enjoy a touch of the Claddagh spirit, by wearing our special Claddagh ring.

Now, here are some tips on how to boost your chances of winning our lovely prize of the month…

If you’re not the lucky winner, don’t despair. This affordable ring may be ordered for only $42.00.

Entering our Contest Is a Total Breeze

Earning a chance (or multiple chances) at this exciting prize will be incredibly simple.

If you win, we’ll contact you privately in order to arrange delivery of your new Claddagh ring.

Since this elegant and wearable design will be the perfect way to connect with your own Irish heritage, it’s bound to become an integral part of your jewelry wardrobe…in fact, you may find that you never want to take it off!

How to Enter the Contest

As you can see, it’s really easy to enter, and entering more than once is definitely the best way to increase your chances of winning.

So, why not take a moment or two to do so?

Since our entry system will work with your existing social media profiles, it’ll be a very quick and simple process, no matter how many times you enter.

Good luck from our team!

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  1. Would love to have this beautiful ring – bought my first one in Galway @ Thomas Dillon.

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