Create a Gorgeous Claddagh Stack Ring Configuration


Claddagh Stack Ring SetIf you’re looking for a unique and charming way to honour your Irish heritage, you’ll find that creating a gorgeous Claddagh stack ring configuration really fits the bill.

By choosing three affordable designs from our exciting and hand-crafted Tara’s Diary Stack Rings Collection, you’ll be able to create a Claddagh ring look that is different from all of the rest.

This elegant combination, which features a trio of silver stack rings, is designed to symbolize love and loyalty.

By wearing these rings together, you’ll create the traditional “crowned heart and hands” motif of the Claddagh, while also accessing a modern and fashionable “layered” effect that is totally chic.

Each Stacking Ring is a Work of Art

In order to show off these beautiful rings, let’s look at each one of them individually.

Once you see how lovely and reasonably-priced these designs actually are, you may just be tempted to order them right away.

To change up your look, wear each ring alone or create new combinations (by switching around the steps which are listed below).

Since we offer plenty of these rings, with a host of engravings and embellishments, you’ll also be able to collect new Tara’s Diary Stack Rings whenever you like…

This type of jewelry is so much fun to play around with and it always looks divine. That’s why women all over the world are embracing the beauty of this singular collection.

To get the look which is featured at the top of our blog post, follow the three steps below…

Step One

Tara's Diary Claddagh Crown Stack RingDuring the first step, slip on your Tara’s Diary Claddagh Crown Stack Ring.

This ring will be worn closest to your knuckles, and it’s “royal” motif will symbolize loyalty.

Made of sterling silver, with a gold-plated crown embellishment, this elegant ring retails for just $55.00.


Step Two

Tara's Diary Green Heart Stack RingNext, you’ll create the centrepiece of your stack ring configuration, by putting on your Tara’s Diary Green Heart Stack Ring.

This pretty design features a heart-shaped, CZ gemstone, in glittering emerald green. The band is made from fine sterling silver.

This heart will symbolize love, and the tiny hands featured on your other stack ring will gently clasp this gemstone heart, as though offering it to another…

Tender and romantic, your heart stack ring, which is available for only $53.00, will also be very versatile…

Step Three

Tara's Diary Claddagh 'Love, Loyalty & Friendship' Stack RingLastly, you’ll need to put on your  Tara’s Diary Claddagh For Life Stack Ring. This ring will be worn closest to your fingertips.

Adorned with two tiny hands, as well as delicate engravings along the circumference of the band, this rich and dimensional piece is gorgeous when worn alone or in combination.

Crafted of sterling silver, with gold-plated accents for appealing contrast, this pretty and comfortable ring is handmade right in the Emerald Isle.

This design retails for just $55.00.

Order Your Stack Rings Today

Now that you’ve discovered the secret of getting the Claddagh look, why not treat yourself to these exceptional rings today?

When you do, you’ll access superb quality and superlative beauty.